Essays on Mrs. Dalloway

Landscape Of London In Mrs Dalloway

Woolf perfectly captures London in the 1920s in light of this comment discussing how Woolf captures the landscape of London in the Opening Pages of Mrs Dalloway. At the heart of Mrs. Dalloway is its setting. It’s the backdrop for the journey that Clarissa Dalloway and a whole host of other characters take us on....
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Masculinity And Femininity In The Novel Mrs Dalloway

Virginia Woolf’s novel, Mrs. Dalloway, can be classified as a genuine literary attempt to rewrite preconceived notions of both masculinity and femininity as it relates to the human condition.  Within her given context of the post-WWI modernist period, Woolf specifically emphasises the subjugation of women, supporting this with the constant appraisal of women from a...
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Gender Roles In Mrs Dalloway

A main theme in Mrs. Dalloway is that you can’t pretend to fully understand anyone and there’s much more to a person below the surface. While many people see Clarissa as “the perfect hostess:” kind of fake and restrained and meaningless, she actually struggles with very real problems and has incredibly complex thoughts and emotions....
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