Much Ado About Nothing: Relations Between Characters

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In Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Claudio, his lover, is tricked into marrying Don, prince pedro’s brother. John carefully sets the trap as he sees a man in front of his fiancee’s boudoir window, which in fact is all Don John bought miss Shiloh’s maid Margaret disguised as miss and the meeting. Claudio mistook his fiancee hero’s infidelity as the core of the story, which gave rise to a series of dramatic conflicts.

In Much Ado About Nothing, the main characters are hero and Claudio, whose ups and downs constitute the backbone of the whole drama. But as far as the characters are concerned, the most fascinating ones in the play are Beatrice, a cousin of hero’s, and Benedick, a friend of Claudio’s.

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Beatrice and benediction are Shakespeare’s creation. Although they appear as secondary characters at the beginning, in fact, during the evolution of the play, they have quietly changed with the protagonists of hero and Claudio and become the real protagonists of the play.

Beatrice was a tall, graceful girl of noble birth, with a quick mind and a ready tongue, but she was too proud to yield to men, and above all to a man; Benedick was a brave and fighting man of noble birth, with the same nimble mind and quick eloquence, but he was too proud to admit defeat before others, especially in front of a girl. This is the contest between two young men and women of high intelligence quotient, from the very beginning, each other.

Through the two people a refused to marry, a not marry the surface phenomenon, in fact, two people are afraid, afraid of each other is not afraid, afraid of self, afraid of self can’t help but surrender. Therefore, these two young men with good heart and sharp tongue like swords, when they met together, they would laugh at each other. This kind of war of words is also appreciated by the audience.

In the play, prince pietro (a friend of Claudio) conspired with Claudio, Leonato (hero’s father) and hero, and the four of them played a game in which Benedick and Beatrice, who had a good fight, fell in love and watched their married bickering jokes. Four people ‘design’ let Benedick ‘inadvertently’ understand beilisi fanatical love him, at the same time let beilisi ‘inadvertently’ learned that Benedick is in love with her. It is reasonable that the same arrangement should be made for Benedick and Beatrice, both of whom have the same vanity as the main characters.

So Beatrice and Benedick, old enemies, became new friends, and with more contact and understanding, the relationship quickly heated up. It is altogether natural that personality should have been connected by the emotional storm of the hero and Claudio. They were a match made in heaven in terms of personality and ability. 


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