Music In The 1960s

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The 1960s saw a revelation in the freedom of Australian music, including R&B and alternative music, which was initially influenced by countries such as, America and Britain.

Introduction to 1960’s Entertainment

The 1960s was a duration of time that saw extraordinary changes in Australian culture due to the advancement of Pop culture. The aspect of entertainment especially experienced major entertainment in Australia and ultimately this has formed modern-day Australian culture and society.

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What are the key characteristics of the entertainment genre in the 1960’s?

The 1960s was a significant time period in terms of entertainment. ‘The combination of radio, film, and television guaranteed that the impact of rock ‘n’ roll was developed rapidly’. Music and fashion were heavily joined with entertainment, meanwhile, television was starting to overtake radio.

1960’s- Pop

Pop music emerged during the 1960s as a new genre. Its impact was present in Australian youth as the music influenced the way they dressed and their hairstyles. Previously music had been made to certain structures and rigid aesthetic guidelines, however, Pop music focused around having a fun time. R&B came about during the 1960s also, taking its influence from jazz music of the previous decades and was recognized by amazing singers and soulful lyrics. Well, known R&B vocalists include Dionne Warwick and Etta James. The biggest artist was Aretha Franklin, who’s songs had a strong impact in empowering Australian women.

1970’s- Pop

1970’s Pop music progressed the trend started during the 60s and became progressively well known, which international artists such as Elton John and ABBA having a large impact on Australian popular culture. Meanwhile, Australian born Helen Reddy became known as the ‘Queen of 70s Pop’. She had a profound impact both at home and overseas through the women’s feminist movement with hit songs such as, ‘I am Women’.

The British and American Invasion

The 1960s saw the development of numerous new English and American pop groups including the Beatles, the Monkees, the Crimps and the Shoreline Young men. An impact was seen through Australian youth duplicating the Beatles Famous hairstyles. The impact of the English and American intrusion was likewise observed through the shaping of Australian gatherings, for example, the Easybeats.

What influence did entertainment in the 1960’s have on Australia?

Australia has been inspired by and has influenced the national culture, identity, and way of life due to Popular Culture. For instance, During the 1960s radio had started to air US &UK rock’n’ roll, this enabled Australians to encounter different societies and cultures.


In conclusion, Radio and Film throughout the 1960s reflected the fashion, music and changing social values of the decade, however; this helped people to form their own sense of style and national identity. 


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