My Dream Job: My Ideas

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A dream job, who doesn’t wishes to have one? For me your dream job gives an idea of a job that is solely given to us with providing satisfaction and having your complete involvement within. Of course if you are engaged with your dream job there would be no chunk of possibility or may be any sort of frustration which could be considered to have potential to complete the assigned task within the given time.

Your dream job eventually makes you satisfied, happy and makes you own whatever step you might opt for, when and where required. It comes with an internal satisfaction hard to find anywhere else if you are not completely devoted towards it.

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We will find a lot of people around us who are just trying to live and earn in order to feel some kind of existence in this world. Those are the people who are not happy with their current job and designation and of course are looking for something new, something better, may something that can provide a drive to wake up early morning with a smile on their face and a drive to ace the day. Some people would look for better office timings, some would look for a creative and tension free office environment, some would look for a quick or substantial raise.

Personally, what I believe is your dream job can prove to be your financial stabilizer.

My dream job I would say is to work in an organization where working gives motivation and a drive to continue working there. Not only this but to get promoted, one step at a time to higher position as I wish to increase the bracket of my knowledge remaining in the same domain. Moving to some other domain wouldn’t be a harm but I believe it also depends on your field of interest. In case you are not interested, put whatever on stake you won’t be able to work whole heartedly.

Where you work, its environment / culture, the employees, your designation, reporting authority and much more to mention means a lot in order for you or any individual to work with a smooth and positive attitude. For sure, minor pointers do have a strong impact in whatever you do or you might plan to do.

People these days waste their time by not doing what they actually want to do, what they actually dream of doing. Well, if you are one of them I ask you to stop right there and not waste much of your time from your precious life and begin with whatever interest you have. By this, you will not only find a suitable job or occupation but it will also automatically create a positive impact on your life and a positive aura will being to make you feel a lot better when you wake up, instead of whining and being too lazy to leave your cozy, comfortable bed. The more interested behavior you show, the more growth and positivity will be seen around you. After all, life is short and unexpected, so why waste it by not doing what you love and why not put your efforts to make your little dreams come true to their life?   


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