My First Day At Summer School

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It was 6:00 o’clock, “beep beep beep” turns off the alarm clock wakes up. It was a very cold, dark day. And it was the first day of summer school I was so scared and happy! Since I knew one of my friends are going but she went on vacation for a week so that means I had to make friends. The summer school took place at Wallenberg highschool. The summer school was huge it felt like it can fit a million people in the school. I was so nervous I wanted to leave since I knew no one there.

By this time it was sunny and bright I saw three tables and lots of people and a person standing in front of the table, I went to one of them and saw it said 7th grade.

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A teacher named Willam said “find your name and check it with the pen.”

“ok …?” I replied nervously

It was very scary talking to a teacher since I am not that social to most people I was sweating so much I could have flooded the whole school. I sat on the step and waited for like interminable I saw some people playing with a ball , the director of the summer school separated us in advisors I was with the 7th-grade math teacher and another staff. In advisor me and the math teacher was talking about math and how much I enjoy math and we talked about square roots it was very fun talking to him. My first subject was math we were introducing ourselves also we told each other what animal we like and we were talking about what we will be learning in math and we started to talk about mean, median, and mode. This was my schedule so we had advisory then math then issues and choices then we had science then we had another subject and it was Humanities.

Now we had humanities, we also introduce ourselves (all of the class we introduced ourselves). After that class we went to recess, I made some friends in class. In recess I was just talking to them and watched people run around and playing on their phones but I didn’t have a phone (no phone squad) and that we were able to play on it at lunch and at recess. Then we had science I believe then issues and choices after that we had lunch. Also in the classes we got binders for each class. In science, we were talking about what we would be doing in class. And in I and C we got a journal the journal was a small brown.

Lunch you would think it is going to be yummy and delicious but nooooooo! Only sometimes it is ok lunch. We had PB and J sandwich, the bread was so dry and cold but at least we have food to eat. While we ate lunch my friend was playing solitaire on him phone and I was so bored I was just watching him play but I didn’t know how to play so I was quiet the whole time during lunch. After lunch I think we had recess again so we just sat down on the stairs and I don’t know why but we watch Flex Seal ads for some reason. And after that we got our backpacks and went to the entrance and I saw my dad’s car and walked there and went home.

Even if you are antisocial you just need to open up and talk to people that’s what I did so you should try it out no pressure. “Just do it” – Nike. So today was a very fun day in summer school. Also talking to people might not help but at least you tried. That mostly about you trying. Thank you for reading my personal essay and o am very sorry what to write. Peace.


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