My Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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As a young African American male, growing up in a single parent home, I never chose being an educator on my list of professions. I was that troublesome student. The little boy who did not care but was a complete scholar. Wishing I could have done the right things, because they say, “Payback will get you in the end.” Becoming an educator was a calling from God but I paid for past actions in near future.

My philosophy of classroom management reflects my childhood days in the school. The mistakes I made in school growing up helps me focus more on what I can control and how I can implement a foundation for success. Everyone is not born a leader but can become one by just striving for excellence. When I think about classroom management, I think about a place where the teacher and the scholar have a purpose for learning. Classroom management focus on a successful learning environment where teachers and scholars create a positive impact on achievement. Classroom management is when an educator creates an environment that allows all students despite social economic status, race, and learning disabilities, to feel inclusive and not subjective to discrimination, disrespect and alienation. Also, a teacher should not only encourage, but promote positive achievement and behavior. An educator should set high expectations for student behavioral and academic matriculations.

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When you enter Mr. Taylor’s classroom, everything is organized. My classroom is inviting, and students are excited about learning. The teacher is guiding and questioning students. My routines and procedures are posted, and scholars know what is expected. If a student breaks the rules, a consequence follows. I am always in constant motion and there’s little behavior problems. All my scholars are engaged in learning and completing activities independently with some guidance of the teacher. The teacher also remains calms but firm with expectations. In the event of a misbehavior scholar, the teacher takes control and handle the situation seriously but in a professional way. Scholars are well equipped with enhance lessons and using technology. Each group of scholar activities are meet through the needs of that scholar. Also, teacher award scholars for positivity in the classroom. The most important aspects of classroom function would have to be students understanding that learning is key, and routines and procedures shall follow you no matter where they intend to go. The importance of this relies on the function of the classroom because it run smoothly, and it is more conducive to the learning environment of scholar and a teacher.

My main responsibility as a teacher in classroom management is to remain in control from start to finish. This helps the teacher maintain an effective classroom. I am always in charge of enforcing or reinforcing the rules, expectations and procedure that will help both teacher and scholar maintain stability throughout the year. Communication rules the nation. Always be respectful when handling scholars when it comes to discipline. The focus should always be the importance of the scholar learning capabilities, showing love and respect and having high expectations for self so scholars can match the tone set in the classroom. All students capable of learning and I should challenge them regardless of background that may cost behavioral issue inside the classroom. Each child is accepted.

As for my scholar’s responsibilities in behavior and classroom management relates to accountability. Each scholar should contribute the expectations of classroom rules. More the likely when student create their own rules, they hold themselves accountable for their actions. Secondly, a scholar should answer questions teachers ask to help them think beyond just the classroom. Not only if a scholar asks a question for self but that question helps another. Scholars must be an active participant. Preparation is the key. Being engaged give scholars the opportunity to learn and help others with the tone of the classroom. All these aspects help both educator and scholars have an effective academic school year with less problem and more learning.


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