My Teacher, My Mentor

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Teachers are in a phenomenal position having a direct impact on their students. William A. Ward mentioned:

‘The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.’

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I was never found the lastly mentioned teacher until I met a 24 years old young lady. I considered her an ordinary teacher before enrolling her subject while looking her sitting in front of resource centre or strolling around the university. A woman who looks juvenile outside was in fact very matured inside, and eventually became my inspiration for life.

She was an adorable woman with a beautiful heart and amazing nature. Keeping smile on her face, she always looked active and energetic. She was a dedicated teacher who had love and passion for her job. Her teaching methodology was meritorious. She knew who to engage, motivate and inspire her pupils to bring out the best in them. Students need encouragement through praise or recognition, and she offers them the real encouragement and a judicious praise for their work. She gives them opportunities to surprise themselves by their skills, creativity and critical thinking.

‘Being both soft and strong is a combination very few people have mastered’ (Yasmin Mogahed). Undoubtedly she was one of those very few people. She was truly a wise, compassionate, considerate and supportive leader who led her followers towards the paths of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and morality. Despite her softness, she had full control over class and maintained her status among her pupils which is rarely seen. Certainly, circumstances which she had faced at early age made her strong, but I often wonder where that softness and compassionate came from? Sometimes, students need emotional support more than a piece of information. They need someone listens them and help them get out of what they are going through. She was always there to give emotional support, and counsel them to each extent. Her polite and positive attitude distinguished her from other people of her profession.

Once a student wrote about her:

‘She is the best mentor in the world.’ And I know those were my words that written by her ink. If the world ever set a standard definition for an Ideal Teacher then, by all means, she would be a perfect example of it.

She has been a teacher, a leader, a motivator, a guide, a mentor and an inspiration for me in the real sense of word.

‘Teachers affect the eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.’ (Henry Brooks Adams)

It would be impossible to count all the ways she has helped me. My respect and admiration for her cannot be expressed in words. My heart and my thoughts obeisance before her. I been always so dumb to write about her. She does not deserve a paragraph. She deserves indeed, a thousand books written about how amazing she is.!!!

To her, I would like to say:

Thank you so much Ma’am for being the positive change in my life.


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