Essays on Native American

Native American Clothing

Before North America was bound together into countries like the United States and Canada, it was home to many one-of-a-kind Native American countries. Alongside their very own dialects, traditions, and customs, every realm had its own unmistakable interpretation of design and dress. Men and Women’s Clothing In Native America, garments were defined largely by the...
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Native Americans' Art

Native American Indian art is deeply connected with spirituality and Mother Nature. The history of this style of art can be traced back to cave paintings and stonework from thousands of years ago. The Native American Indians used material such as rocks and feathers in the early periods. Materials have evolved to cloth, clay, turquoise,...
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Native American Rights

First, it was genocide. Then, it was removal. Now, these issues have evolved into modern problems that affect Native Americans today. The United States government has been the chief cause of Native American suffering in the past, and the community today is still traumatized by the host of horrors they have endured. For these actions,...
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