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Newspaper PDF On Social Media: Legal Or Not?

INTRODUCTION Article 19(1)(a) of the constitution of India lays down freedom of speech and expression. Article 19(2) also provides some restrictions on freedom of speech and expression. Thus freedom of speech and expression provided in the Indian constitution is not an absolute right. Freedom of expression on the internet: Internet speech has the potential for...
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Newspaper, Media And Representation Of Female Offenders

 Globally, crime takes place daily. Of these crimes there is potential to make media coverage depending on newsworthiness, introducing the audience to a story about what happened. Because of the media madness, crime by women is almost always making the headlines than men. Is this because it is not seen as the social norm, out...
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Media Sphere In Bangladesh: Newspapers

The total number of newspapers currently existing in Bangladesh is 3025. This total number includes 1078 daily newspapers, 1947 weekly newspaper, and fortnightlies and monthlies. The newspaper media industry had its most prominent time when the circulation and the rate of newspaper readers were increasing until 2013. As the literacy rate improved, the number of...
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The Front Page Of Newspaper And Its Significance

As per (Kim & Chung, 2017) the newspaper’s first page is the prime location to find the depiction of the society’s most important events and news stories. It catches the reader’s attention and hence editors spend much of their time and vigour in deciding which news stories and categories should be put on the most...
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Coverage Of Crimes In The UK Exacerbate Islamophobia

The prominence of Islamophobia can be seen in the UK’s modern society through the means of current media. This dissertation will discuss whether or not Islamophobia is spread through the medium of newspapers (printed and digital) and the extent to which the media plays a significant role in the formation of these perceptions. The aim...
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