Essays on Notes from Underground

The Themes Of Free Will Vs. Determinism In Dostoevsky’s Notes From The Underground And Chernyshevsky's What Is To Be Done?

Nikolai Chernyshevky’s “What Is To Be Done?” and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Notes From the Underground” are works published in 1860`s Tsarist Russia that debate the dominant Russian philosophies of the time; the emerging Western rational egoism of asserted by Chernyshevsky versus the existential, anti-determinist teachings within Dostoyevsky`s novella. Both pieces were published a little more than...
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Superiority Versus Equality In Notes From Underground

In Notes from Underground, the Underground Man argues that people like to be superior; There cannot be equality. I agree with the Underground man because humans want and believe they must be superior to prove a point. Notes from Underground is a psychological novel, told in a-chronological by the Underground Man. Fyodor Dostoevsky authored this...
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