Online Courses: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Online courses are preferred to some while others despise them. Online courses have both great advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages include being able to work at a more flexible and self-directed pace. Furthermore, for those who are busy with work, family, etc. and do not have the time to attend class but want to continue their education, online classes are a means for them to do so. In addition, online classes save time as one does not have to commute to class or attend lectures. Some disadvantages include being more susceptible to falling behind or missing work and not being able to communicate and learn from the professor and classmates as efficiently as one would in a traditional class. Moreover, online classes require self-discipline and motivation. If one does not have these traits, the class will seem more difficult.

I can make sure that I do not fall behind on class work by keeping a planner with the due dates for every assignment, test, quiz, etc. and by checking e-campus on a regular basis. I can also ask my classmates to remind me or acquire an app that gives daily reminders. I do not struggle with procrastination a great deal, and I usually finish everything on time. However, I do find myself procrastinating sometimes, particularly, on work I do not want to do. I do keep a due calendar with me and plan ahead, but it is difficult sometimes to stick with a plan as other things do come up. As a dual credit high school student taking classes both at Richland and my high school the work can pile up.

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My time management skills can be improved upon, as I find myself getting distracted often. I can fix this issue by timing myself when I take breaks from school work. My writing skills that are weak can be improved upon by focusing more on them when writing, asking for help from friends, tutors at the English Corner, and the professor, and by looking online for tips to help me improve that specific area. If I find that I am falling behind, I will try my best to catch up on everything, and I will speak with my professor. I believe that I do currently have a sustainable balance between school, work, and family. However, if later I feel that I do not have a good balance I will adapt by setting aside specific amounts of time dedicated to each area.   


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