Online Schools Or Traditional Schools: My Choice

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As a teenager that still wants to play and do our hobbies, it is not easy for us to adhere to the regular schedule that traditional schools offer. We need to do other activities outside studying to learn new things or simply relax our minds. It could be hard for us as millennials to manage time, especially when it comes to staying focus. Online school seems a great solution to solve these problems. It gives us more conveniences and reliefs to do what we like. However, the question that maybe still lingers in our is whether or not it can be as effective as traditional schools? Of course, it can be more effective than traditional schools because it is providing more opportunities and saving money.

First of all, there is no doubt to say that online learning gives us more chances to know outside life and learn new skills. If we do online classes, we can explore the world anytime we want. Even though it is time to do an exam, we can still hang out with friends and travel abroad. We can do our hobbies while doing the quiz. We can take part-time jobs to seek experiences. We will get used to managing time that we will never get in traditional education. Those opportunities build skills in multitasking, time management, and the ability to juggle weekly activities, which is what a workplace needs. As stated by U.S News & World Report, the outstanding quality that employers are looking for from online learners is time management skills. Not only those skills, but online education also prepares you for real-life work. What does it mean? As an online learner, you will become experts in using technology, the internet, and up to date applications. The good news is today’s workforce is running online! According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number of workers who regularly work from home has risen 159 percent over the last ten years, with almost 5 million employees working long-distance at least half a day. If nowadays it’s already really booming for the workplace, we can predict that it will be more thriving in the future. Then, it’s clear that online school leads us with many opportunities that exceptionally important for our future careers. Interesting right?

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Secondly, one of the biggest problems that parents have about education is high pay. Benjamin Franklin said, “Education is the investment with the greatest returns.’ However, ask it deeply, is your education worth your money? High pay does not mean you will get the equivalent of what you spend. Imagine how much money you will spend if you are in traditional schools. Recent reports show that the total average tuition fees that traditional schools have is around $85,000 and a total average for online schools is about $30,000. You are saving about $55,000 for only tuition fees. Not yet unnecessary expenses, for example, transportation, outfits, meals, and boarding house for more or less 4 years. Moreover, with the tight schedule that keeps us busy all day long, we cannot take a side job to pay those necessities. The result is burdening our parents with a nominal that does not make sense. Affordable tuition fees and high quality that online schools offer is certainly the best way to choose. Saving your money for making business, or investing property is more profitable for your future.

In conclusion, online school is more effective than traditional schools since it is giving more changes and keeping your finances safe. It is time for you to decide what is best for your future. Think about what the forthcoming will be and what is the most worthwhile knowing that you will need. As a youth generation, give yourself the best thing that the world offers. One of them is education. Your decision today is the passport for the brightest tomorrow. Find a way to get the passport or you will be missed the flight. How about finding it now?


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