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This topic is one of the most debatable ones amongst many students, whether they select the online or face-to-face learning, these both options stand in rivalry next to one another since a majority of the people choose the latter option as per their comfort of understanding. In a detailed context, numerous people have always been loyal to their old school traditional ways of being taught in a classroom Face-to-face. Online learning is a new facility that has been denied by a plethora of learners. Online Learning in competition with Face-to-face learning, a SIGNIFICANT percentage of people choose online learning due to several reasons which CONSIST of disabled, people suffering from Anthropophobia and extreme anxiety issues. However, Face-to-Face learning is still the trend due to easy and understandable learning. people condemn online learning due to the difficulties faced in perceiving information, hence, creating understanding issues, which is why face-to-face is supported by the Capital.

A student learning from face to face learning can evaluate and apprehend the situation better than the ones studying online. Every peer has his own point of view allowing him to enhance his knowledge and add on to his professional experiences. Being totally unbiased in this situation as many have their own reasons to choose their methods of learning but online or distant education does not allow us to perceive the entire idea of a CONTEXT as studying in a contextual environment would. Although experienced knowledge can VARY from person to person but online information is not always reliable.

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Moreover, exposure to the world is an important element in grooming one’s personality and push them into their professional lives. Face-to-Face learning helps a student enrich his information and make memorable memories. It helps in building his manners, gestures, tone, language, and volume of voice. a classroom helps a student grow his social life out. The most critical thing about online learning is that it tricks the students into thinking they have acquired the knowledge completely, which eventually leads them into misjudging themselves and ending up with a poor result. In Face to Face learning, an individual gets to experience the ideology of the subject and interact with one another, creating a state of more opportunities and more ways to grab the information by learning from one another, letting them think out of the box.

One of the reasons why people support online learning is because they believe it’s more reliable. Personally, I would support face to face learning. I believe that online learning cannot teach a student lessons’ which the traditional classroom can. A student misses out on many fun activities alongside studying which can end in depression. Lacking a social life isn’t something that can yield good results out of a student. Our teacher’s personal experiences and their way of teaching also affect how a student grasps knowledge. Some students also feel content with the fact that their teachers have gotten a study plan along with a schedule they can follow without any problems. The amount of trust they put in that plan, mentally ease them up enough to create a level of satisfaction among them.

In Conclusion, the major advantage of online learning is easy access to education by all kinds of students, people still recommend the traditional Face-to-Face learning due to effective results and traditions. Such commitment of timely classes and structured routines implements discipline. Therefore, E-Learning is a biased practice which might have a negative impact.


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