Organisations Which Provides Support For HIV Patients

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There are many resources for individuals who have been affected with HIV infection, one of them being a local organization – HIV Scotland is a Life enhancement for HIV. There are many measures a person with HIV can do to help improve their quality of life.

Every person needs a healthy balanced diet as good nutrition is needed to be healthy and help support your immune system. Someone who has HIV already have a weakened immune system so changing to a more nutritious diet would support their immune system to help fight of infections. (Map, 2016) Medication to help enhance a persons’ life, by taking HIV medication will never cure the disease but it can make an infected person blood level undetectable as the HIV infection stop reproducing so they are no longer able to pass HIV onto another person. This allows the immune system to build itself back up, meaning it can be stronger t fight off any other illnesses or infections that can be life-threatening to a person with HIV.

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Support for significant others

HIV doesn’t just affect those infected it also has an impact on family, partners and friends are there are support groups are there to provide support for them. HIV- aids carers and family service providers, longest servicing HIV organisation in Scotland, where they work throughout Scotland. (Service, 2019) They offer one-to-one support, counseling, family support, and home support visits along with many other services. They also are available to attend hospital visits to provide support for you or assist with hospital visits on your behalf when you need a break.

They also provide a service called A Carers Break which offers weekend breaks or week breaks at Seton Sands Holiday Village caravan park, free of charge you just fill out a booking form and are told if you have been successful or not. It allows significant other to have a chance to have a well-deserved break to allow them to regain a positive mind-set and energy to continue their usual lives of supporting the person with HIV.

There is also Waverly care which is a charity organization that offers support to families, gives counseling, and educates with further information on HIV. Also providing one to one support peer support and mentoring and befriend services and there are many more services they provide. They also offer facilities for children and young people aged from four to 21. They aim to help children build the emotional strength and skills they need to be positive in school, with relationships and their life; which a great part of it includes encouraging confidence and self-esteem. (Care, 2019) 


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