Organizational Behavior: Concept And Meaning

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According to Organizational Behavior. (2017), “organizational behavior (OB) is defined as an efficient study and application of information about how individuals and groups act within the organizations where they work.” In the Movieclips. (2015, August 11), a company named Intech is presented as a workplace wherein there is no harmonious working environment existing. In addition, describing the appearance of the office itself is not that appealing for the reason the color background is not that mood setter color to the workers. The atmosphere is so stiff and the cubicles are not that spacious so that the workers can move around within his own space freely. The staff and the supervisor are almost getting to the nerves of each other. This is so evident in the way they talk and see each other. There is an anger that about to flare up anytime. In line with this according to the interactionist perspective, the behavior is a function of the person and the situation interacting with each other (Organizational Behavior. (2017). This behavior is quite disturbing not only with the staff and the supervisor but with a co-worker as well. The physical appearance of a person also has a bearing in the way they interact with other people. They can feel that they are above the rest or the other way around, being the loser in their workplace. Overall, this is the set-up in the Intech.

Peter represents the disturbing worker. His behavior is so intense that there is no room for positivity that can be observed. Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. (2015), states that genes and the environment have an influence on how a person. The social evolution of a human is to be understood in the way they build trust, on how they collaborate and when they compete with other people. This is shown very clearly in the movie clip. Peter has little or no foundation of trust at all with the superior. Giving unlimited alibis for not following a simple rule that is being imposed on submission of paperwork. Doing or finishing work without collaborating with other people is not teamwork. Tends to compete at all times when actually there is no need for it. Despite the fact personality behaviors and other individual differences are important, it is best to keep in mind that behavior is combined by the person and the situation (Organizational behavior. 2017). Self-esteem has an apparent effect on organizational behavior. High self-esteem can bring out the best in a person being an intelligent, persistence and creative must be used and directed into a much more positive and proper way. Otherwise obtaining high self-esteem can result in negative influence in organizational behavior. The change in the behavior of a worker to a fellow co-worker or a supervisor depends on the situation they are in interaction with. (Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. 2015). The manner the organization transforms swiftly and mobilizes in an unsettled environment, finding, developing and retaining people who can easily adapt to changing situation will be most effective. According to Barrick & Mount, 1993 when people have a lot of freedom at work, their personality will become a stronger influence over their behavior (Organizational behavior. 2017). This trait is contrasting to Peters’ behavior. Being a hot-tempered person, easy to get angry is the manifestation of an unhappy worker. Having a hard time to get along with a fellow co-worker even in the tiniest thing is a big deal for Peter. Socialization development plays an important role in organizational behavior because the process is not yet can be seen during the childhood years but instead during adulthood can be observed. In order to get along with other people, the social development comprises of the values, norms and behavior pattern learned and obtained, from organization’s and work group’s outlook are necessary for a new organization member (Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. 2015). Given in these circumstances Peter is not having a good working relationship with his supervisor. Intentionally Peter would practice disobedience toward his supervisor defying some rules to follow. Delaying of his work is a clear sign of this. Thus everything follows, there will be a problem in their work ethics. This will result in a poor output on his job complacency. In regards to his fellow workers, there seem to be some chain reactions from the start of behaving differently even from the utilization of malfunctioning office equipment. Another sign is the manner how they reacted on the performance of their fellow worker who performs slow talking and not properly pronunciation of their names. They find it funny and gave a good laugh which is not right to do. In order to get out in their system the anger, dissatisfaction in their company and with their co-worker, they managed to smash the broken office equipment and did not stop until they are satisfied out of frustration. A meeting with his supervisor did not lessen his behavior but instead, he discloses the frustrations about the working conditions he is experiencing in the company.

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According to Organizational Behavior. (2017), “an attitude refers to our opinions, beliefs, and feelings about aspects of our environment.” There are two work attitudes that can inspire how a worker behave. These are job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Job satisfaction is a result of employees’ view of how well their job delivers those things that are viewed as important (Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. 2015. Riordan, C. (2013) states that when employees feel they are valued, they have higher job satisfaction and this motivates them to do best at work. Enhancing the skills of the employees will turn out good for a happy working relationship. Let the workers be on the company team. They too have the desire to be heard in when arriving at a decision making that will benefit both the management and the workers. In order to avoid the gap in a worker and supervisor, it is best if there are planned teambuilding or company outing to have camaraderie not only with the worker and supervisor but also with fellow workers. This is to improve job satisfaction and organization commitment as well.

In order to build satisfaction and reducing stress, there is some guiding principle that can make more appealing to workers to attain job satisfaction. The collaboration of pleasure and fun at work. This is to avoid stereotyping of everyday work. The offering of fair pay, benefits and other promotions will keep the workers on their toe and will not be lazy in their performance. Matching the skills that are fitting to a worker will result in a much better output in their performance. By designing jobs to increase the creativeness of their workers will inspire them to work seriously and an increase in job satisfaction and organizational commitment is at hand. These factors should be given to employees’ in order to avoid as to what the movie clip had shown. A satisfied and well-motivated worker will have a harmonious and peaceful working environment and help lessen the stress of the worker as well.  


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