Organizational Behavior: Internal And External Perspectives

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People devote most of the time to their jobs. The way workers feel during their performing time, influences the successful outcome of the whole company. Organizational environment, job commitment, interactions between employees, and leadership are significant parts of the company’s development and results. That is the reason Organizational Behavior appeared as a field of study. It combines psychology, social psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and anthropology.

Each conscious and success-oriented company tries to ensure that its employees are satisfied with working conditions and atmosphere within the organization. Firms turn to Organizational Behavior and view it through two theories: internal and external perspectives. The first one states that an individual’s behavior depends on his/her thoughts, feelings, interactions, and experiences. On the other hand, the external perspective indicates that environmental factors and outside events have more impact on the worker. Companies should pay attention to both these theories. Moreover, they should examine group and individual activities within performance areas. Using Organizational Behavior, the managers should be able to influence individuals’ behavior, predict how they will react to different decisions, and explain why workers engage in various kinds of behaviors. Also, the managers always deal with two problems. They are to identify the necessity of change, and to implement this change, not affecting workers’ performance satisfaction.

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Obstacles that Prevented Me from Being as Successful as I Wanted to Be

Employees and their true engagement in the organization’s performance is a tremendous benefit. Hence, if they lack something, the first one to suffer is the company. To exclude this possibility, the organizations should constantly change to mitigate the disruptions. Of course, not everyone is ready for changes. There are several obstacles that prevented me from being as successful as I wanted to be. They are the following:

  • personal resistance;
  • complexity;
  • no growth motivation;
  • lack of privacy;
  • lack of communication.

Personal Resistance

I have been at my job for a long time and created my habits and routines. I did not want to change my comfort processes. I was afraid to lose control of my well-known work. Moreover, there were concerns about competence.


Today, people live in the always-busy world. Hence, modern employees suffer from complexity. I was afraid of multi-tasking across various platforms.

No Growth Motivation

I felt stuck in my current role without the opportunity to move up in the organization. As a result, I became less productive and disengaged.

Lack of Privacy

Nowadays, employers started to intrude into their workers’ personal life. For example, checking their background, implementing drug tests, inspecting internet surfing, and phone calls.

Lack of Communication

I faced some challenges during job performance. Nevertheless, I neither trusted managers and co-workers with my problems nor was I interested in direct communication.

Plan of Action to Remove the Obstacles

Obstacles are not failures. They are the reasons to improve your skills and achieve better results. Analyzing my challenges, I can develop an action plan to eliminate them.

To reduce personal resistance, the organization should provide employees with a non-threatening environment to discuss their difficulties and fears. There should be numerous tools to encourage employees’ organizational learning and development. Workers should have access to innovative education programs and strive to practice their skills.

Complexity obstacle is an easy one to overcome. Training programs should contain materials in the most simplistic format. Hence, the employees will be able to learn the information and use it.

Every person has different motivators. Among the most widespread are money bonuses, extra PTO, promotion, greater flexibility to work at home, empowerment, free training and development opportunities, and quality of status with management. For me, the best motive is a free training, the opportunity to work from home, and money. Various motivations, but the results are the same: the employee wants to feel important.

The workers have their right to keep some things private. Everyone has his/her intelligence, attitude, nature, and habits. To better perform their duties, the employees require a positive psychological atmosphere.

Communication performs three significant functions within the organizations. They are information transmission, coordination, and emotions/feelings sharing. They all are combined and do not function separately. For example, coordination helps the workers to achieve the same goals through the transmission of information. Feelings and emotions sharing unites people in times of crisis and celebration. My challenge in communication was in untruthful relationships with managers and colleagues. To solve this problem, I should spend more time with the team and build a strong connection. On the other hand, the company and its managers should find a way to each worker. No matter what problems and questions they have, the employees should be certain that they will receive any kind of help they need.

Organization I Want to Work in and my Obstacles

To my mind, the challenges that I have described in this paper are considerably widespread. Millions of workers and companies suffer from them. Many organizations do not achieve success because they are not ready for change. Their attitude to the workers is inadequate and offensive. Goal-oriented companies should improve their quality through innovative services and products. They should use job re-design, benchmarking, empowerment, and re-engineering. According to the Organizational Behavior Studies, the managers’ principal task is to implement the changes and ensure that the employees are motivated, satisfied, developed, and efficient. I believe that my future job will be in such a company. I will do my best to overcome the list of challenges and be worth of work position. People can do everything if they have motivation and confidence in the future.


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