Essays on Paradise Lost

Revealing The Idea Of The Successive Fall Of Man Through The Defiance Of Justice In Literature

The rejection of God’s laws and subsequent expulsion affects both the individual and collective within a society. Both John Milton and Arthur Miller exposed the idea of the successive fall of man through the defiance of justice. This furthermore alludes to the prevalence of this within their own respective contexts. John Milton’s Paradise Lost revolutionised...

Paradise Lost As A Classical Epic On A Christian Theme

A.S.P Woodhouse commented that ‘Paradise Lost is the outcome of Milton’s deliberate effort to write a classical epic on a Christian theme’ (492). Something that is fiercely debated and contested is the ambivalent portrayal of Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost and how he is framed within this Christian Epic. Critics have noted the tensions created...
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Paradise Lost: The Greatest Epic Poem In English

As a young poet John Milton promised a grand epic about the military feats of king Author, a national hero devoted to the glory of England. At the end of his career, he published an epic about the fall of Satan and humankind, set in the cosmic realms of hell and heaven in which England...
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The Female Is Nothing But The Body: Chaucer’s The Merchant’s Tale And Milton’s Paradise Lost

In the context in which these two texts were written, from the medieval universe of Chaucer to the Restoration Period in which Paradise Lost[footnoteRef:1] was written, it’s fascinating to examine the image of women in the eyes of people during these differing eras. Before exploring such perceptions we must understand the implication of the statement-...
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