Penicillin: The History Of Discovery

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The Penicillin is well known medicine that was discovered in August 15th, 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleeming in London. It was one of the biggest medicines that was discovered in the 19th century for lots and lots of reasons. So the Penicillin is a medicine that can be put to certain parts of the body, to take out bacteria and destroy those viruses that can take the body’s blood down. So that’s a big reason why it’s so great because it was the first medicine at that time that can bacteria down which lots of people have been dying from so it was hard to come up with something to beat it specially at the time because the technology was too low to discover lots of ideas. Also bring them together and make this amazing Penicillin medicine and it’s been going on and on. Till this day it’s in every hospital in the world and all things related to doctors etc. But it was shockley amazing even some of the biggest doctors at the time in England, one of them was the “Doctor. Ferguson” in 1931 he said “This can save your heart and keep you alive from the biggest bacteria we can face”.

Why was this discovery so important?. Lots of people stated that this saved their lives by taking out bacteria out of the blood system and making it clean and making it happen easily without damages to your body system and your heart. That was what Alexander Fleming idea he stated in a question he was asked. “What did you want your discovery to look like” he responded with “I wanted something that will go on and on for many years and that I can be remembered for” which sounded great. Also in another interview at the time with “Katherine Dann” she was one of the people who their lives saved from the Penicillin she said “The death was an everyday death occurrence to me. It was intimate “”Katherine Dann in 1936”.

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It imitated some dangerous medicines that weren’t focused on. The benefits Penicillin that it was able to save animals too not just humans so that’s what had a massive start of the 19th century medicine world. That’s what made Sir Alexander Fleming said “We have to step up the qualities of medicines humans lives is not free” “Sir Alexander Fleming in 1935” Also what something big we got out of the Penicillin was small ideas can lead to something bigger that we can discover out of ourselves. In other words the smallest details can make the difference that’s how Alexander Fleeming made this true.

How penicillin got bigger from outside London it had a massive blow up when a university from London “University of Oxford” Took it bigger to places such as Canada that played a role to make it big. They’re students were shocked at how the Penicillin was working out. So they started introducing it to the world and with help from Sir Alexander Fleming he accepted the idea and was happy to help with it.


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