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The reports reflect the contribution made by me to the company. The company’s performance was down in the market as per the criteria assigned.

The company was named The S Sports Company when initially started before two years and successfully this company was started but now company reached a stage where the company might need the help of the manager in order to improve the company’s performance. It’s dealing with a variety of sports products. And even due to branding issues the company’s name was changed to Sports 24. 

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Evaluation of Contribution

Moving ahead with analyzing my own contribution, the role which I was individually playing in the group was Strategic Manager.

And to do the planning strategically means you are planning to win the war. The next thing I realized was to make the contingency plan for the company.

Not only planning but direction and execution was the role which I played in the group. Lessons learned from my role was that it gave the direction of the project and why it became necessary to plan, where to setback (can decide the uncertainties). 

Other team members were assisting me in the work like risk managers, sales forecasters, operational managers. The tasks which were assigned to them were quite different and learnings from them were also like it becomes very difficult to forecast the future as it is uncertain.

And to be part of the team means we have task-oriented work. So, everyone has their share in the team. The moment when the analyzer had made a mistake with perception due to which the company performance which was once uplifted went down. This was the time I felt team synergy should be there so that overall impact would have been led to the overall success of the company. But after this individual role was clear stated further sharing of the ideas and execution of the plan.  

While I was directing the company’s performance one thing which came to my mind was the factors that affected the company’s performance. Relating it to the theory of Porter’s value chain analysis. This analysis helps me to deal with the analysis of the internal management. With the analysis, we take a competitive advantage, steps leading towards improving the efficiency, and overall improving the profit margins. 

And to do that the company had to go with the competitive advantage factor-like setting the price which is best suited for the company and even would give the competition in the market that is cost leadership. Keeping in mind cost leadership, the company had set the prices of the products lower than the companies in the competition. 

And then we identified the opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. Like in the sense that the going with minor changes in the prices and which showed the high impact. To sum up the report, Porter’s value chain analysis helped us in making the decisions regarding the performance of the company and what could be done to improve the overall performance of the company.


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