Perspectives Of Love In Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Novel Love In The Time Of Cholera

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a Colombian novelist and short story writer which provided him a foundation base for his writing career. In the novel Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, implies that Love has many perspectives. Marquez develops this theme by emphasizing Florentino’s emotions over Fermina, then exaggerating Florentions actions, and finally clarifying both of their love for one another. Marquez’s purpose is to allow more than one perspective to be shown in order to have a better understanding of an event.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez uses figurative language and descriptive words to emphasize Florentino’s and Fermina’s relationship and emotion within it. Marquez uses imagery and personification to develop Florentino and Fermina’s perspectives. Marquez’s choice in words show that Florentino Ariza is n a hurry “ Florentino Ariza did not wait for the aunt to go into the house, and he crossed that street with a martial stride that allowed him to overcome the weakness in his knees” (Marquez 8). Marquez shows Florentino’s true perspective over his situation which is that he is no longer patient and needs to get to the point in telling Aunt Esclolastica his true emotions over Fermina. Not only this but Fermina’s perspective was that she was scared, “ Her statues of alarm was such that she avoided speaking at the table for fearsome slip might betray her, and she became evasive even with her Aunt Escolastica” (Marquez 8). Marquez’s choice in words when using figurative language showed the true state of mind each character is in. Marquez shows that love has many perspectives throughout the characters Florentino and Fermina and Aunt Escalastica. Marquez uses this to show everyone’s point of view and be able to be in their shoes. Marquez uses Florentino to show us how love can sicken someone, he also uses Fermina to show how ones love can not be reached by the others love, and finally, Marquez uses Aunt Escolastica to demonstrate that there is a brick wall between Florentino’s and Fermina’s love. Marquez’s use of imagery and Personification allowed more than one perspective to be shown at a time. Marquez doing this, the same event was able to be described form many new perspectives.

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Marquez gives a better understanding, experience, and representation of love and its many perspectives by embodying his characters. When Florentino kindly asks Aunt Escolastica if she can leave Fermina and him alone Aunt Escloastica responds shocked, “What impertinence!” (Marquez 8). Marquez here reveals to the readers the aunt’s true feelings. Aunt Escolatica was not expecting such demand from an ideal sweetheart by than again Marquez did illustrate that Florentino was in a rush to tell Fermina that he is deeply in love. Aunt Esclolastica was standing up with awareness because “She had the overwhelming impression that Florentino Ariza was speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit” (Marquez 9). Marquez uses Aunt Escloastica as a friend and a tutor like more than an aunt for Fermina to educate her about love. Although Aunt Escolastica might be one of the most complicated perspectives that offer advice about love she helps Fermina Daza communicate with Florentino. Aunt Escolasticas perspective over Florentino’s entrance and his demands make her overthink the intentions he has over Fermina. Florentino made her second guess her way of thinking by the manner she was not expecting.

In closing, Marquez’s use of imagery and personification helped him develop his theme that love has many perspectives by emphasizing emotions and exaggerated actions. Marquez also was able to give a better understanding by showing more than one perspective to better clarify an event. The overall effect of Marquez’s doings built a foundation to develop the perspective of every character.


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