Essays on Peter Pan

Peter Pan Is A Villain

You probably know the innocent fairy-tale of Peter Pan where he takes children at night to a land called Neverland where all young one’s dreams come true defeating Captain Hook every step of the way. The story was originally written by James Matthew Barrie in 1904 but through generations, the story has been told differently...
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Peter Pan: Book Versus Movie

Peter Pan’s novel by J.M. Barry had a lot of movies and plays on stage. Peter Pan is a Scottish novelist-created story. Peter Pan is a naughty kid who can fly and never grows up. As the chief of his group, the Lost Boys, he spends his never-ending childhood enjoying adventures on the small island...
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Peter Pan As A Trickster

Eva Valentona’s article, “The Betwixt and Between: Peter Pan as a trickster Figure,” explores the literary figure of Peter Pan as trickster due to common features as his “liminal character, his moral and gender ambiguity, and his role as a creative bricoleur.” to paint a picture of this seemingly childhood character as one with more...
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