Pharmacy As My Passion To Pursue

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My passion to pursue pharmacy began during my early years of high school. The science of dispensing medicine, facilitating the required drug information and assessing the pharmaceutical drugs appeared to me as an interesting profession. 

This interest was further boosted by the fact that biological sciences and mathematics were among the lessons that I loved and performed best. Having the ambition to play a significant part in supplying medical assistance to the general public as I have envisaged working closely with society. Moreover, I have an excellent academic background in Chemistry and Physics to support the anatomy required in pharmacy. Contemplating my current study in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and mathematics. I firmly acknowledge and presume that they are the elementary and the fundamentals to study Pharmacy. Learning the foundation of Chemistry, I am able to amplify my understanding of how electrons work, the atomic structure, bonding and how we can utilise chemistry knowledge to apply in biology. Mathematics has given me the opportunity to be proficient in algebra to use the calculations for dosing regimens and dosing equivalents during my pharmacy degree. 

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The role of a pharmacist in healthcare facilities might seem inferior compared to that of a doctor and a nurse, but the reality is that the profession is deeply rooted in anatomical and physiological knowledge that demands both theory and sufficient practice. I have encountered an experience before where I went with my mother to the hospital as her health demanded medical attention. She had nausea, and the doctor examined her and referred her to the pharmacist since her case was not serious. Unfortunately, the pharmacist had an emergency, and we had to wait until an assistant pharmacist could arrive to dispense the drugs. The delay was prolonged since the assistant was also not available, and we were finally referred to a pharmacist outside the facility. I concluded how important and valuable the profession was since no other individual would have dispensed the medication. 

Upon my completion of work experience as a care home assistant, I was fortunate enough to give support to patients, assist and collaborate patients with their medication and with feeding. Additionally, supplying guidance with dressing and undressing as well as assisting in morning activities. Despite not having first hand experience in a community pharmacy setting, I have acquired excellent foundation and succeeded in handling medication to patients, health and safety which gave me a general framework on which type of medication is given to the specific type of illness to cure and find a solution to the problem. 

I am enthusiastic about pursuing pharmacy, despite the fact that I do not have any experience in operating a facility that overly deals with pharmaceutical drugs. However, I have conducted numerous research and explored the scientific concepts that underlie the mandate of a pharmacist. Moreover, I have explored the ethical standards and values that I must uphold to deliver excellent services to my clients. Back at high school, I was appointed the leader of a 7-member group that was carrying a biology experiment. I was able to coordinate, guide and work with the team and our project emerged the best. This not only gave enhanced my experience on leadership, but it also improved my interpersonal skills and teamwork. Moreover, I had to apply my problem-solving skills in dealing with the conflicts that occurred as well as making effective decisions that ensured the team achieved its goals. 

The reason why I am interested in joining the pharmacy programme at the University is to advance my knowledge and skills concerning the profession. As an individual, I developed an enthusiasm to be a part of the hospital pharmacy industry where my goal is to accommodate patients the treatments they require. I firmly conceive that I can be an asset to your university due to my determination, drive, and strong career motivation. I believe the program will present unlimited opportunities that can transform me into an exceptional pharmacist. Being accepted as a candidate for this programme will mean that I will be able to pursue my dream.  


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