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Pocahontas: What Makes Her Different From Other Princesses

The Walt Disney movie “Pocahontas” is based on a true life story that tells how the English colonists fight Native Americans for land and eventually creating temporary peace between the two races, while showing nonfictional portrayals how colonialism took place. Within “Pocahontas” there are many views that challenge, limit or transform views regarding race, class...
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Pocahontas: How Racism Created A Costume

Can halloween costumes cross racial line? What is blackface? Blackface is a mockery of black people’s physical features by exaggerating the color of their skin, negatively enhancing the size of their lips, and making facial expressions that depict them as unintelligent. Besides blackface, other costumes play into historical stereotypes by sexualizing persons of a specific...
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Pocahontas As A Representative Of Stereotype About The Savage Native Americans

American culture, almost since from the beginning, is rather prone to ethnic, gender and racial stereotyping. From the moment English settlers put their foot on North American shores and contacted with the native population and later with the developing colonization process these stereotypes have founded their basis in the society and still most of them...
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