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Manipulation Of Christianity In The Sea Farer

Introduction ‘The Sea Farer’ is one of the oldest poems of the Anglo Saxon period. Today’s world has the opportunity to know about this poem because of the Exeter Book which is one of the four surviving manuscripts of that age. This is one of the greatest passages of English literature. The 124 lines of...
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The Key Literary Works Of Old English Period

Many people think English history started with the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes invasion in 449. The Germanic invaders took over the island’s southeast portion and named it ‘Angle-land. The AngloSaxon Language, now called Old English, started as mixture of Germanic dialects. Although modern English has many Old English words, Old English itself has largely dissapered....
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The Theme Of Fate In Aeneid

Every human is scared of death, fate, and destiny, and every human wants to avoid them. While many people believe in life after death, most people choose to keep away from the topic because of fear of the unknown. However, when people decided to discuss what they think about the fact that life is not...
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Analysis Of Robert Lee Frost's Poems

For my essay I chose the poet Robert Lee Frost and his poems because I really like his style of writing and his poems are not boring for me. I found it really interesting. “We love the things we love for what they are.” Robert Frost, was an American poet who was born on 26 March 1874 in...
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The Theme Of Death In The Works Of Christina Rossetti And Sylvia Plath

The Theme Of Death The theme of death is a recurrent theme among poetry, capable to provide a wide spectrum of ideas used to present a message to the reader without facing fear. Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath are among the many poets who regularly feature the theme of death in their works.  Rossetti was...
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The Female Is Nothing But The Body: Chaucer’s The Merchant’s Tale And Milton’s Paradise Lost

In the context in which these two texts were written, from the medieval universe of Chaucer to the Restoration Period in which Paradise Lost[footnoteRef:1] was written, it’s fascinating to examine the image of women in the eyes of people during these differing eras. Before exploring such perceptions we must understand the implication of the statement-...

Remember By Christina Rossetti And Sonnet 14 By John Donne

The topics of love & death are very relevant in the poems “Remember” by Christina Rossetti and “Batter my heart, three-persona’d God” by John Donne. In both poems, the authors express different kinds of emotions such as fear, selfishness, and dominance to illustrate the emotions. In Remember, the persona has fears of being forgotten by...
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Struggle Between Expectations And Individualism

It is not uncommon to come across a story that has a hidden meaning to it. A common meaning between “Our Town”, “ The Interlopers “, and “ The Mending Wall ” would be the struggle between expectations and individualism. Frost shows us how people who simply follow traditions just for the sake of it...
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Canterbury Tales: Literary Analysis

In the Canterbury Tales, “Prologue” author Geoffrey Chaucer tells the tales of thirty pilgrims going on a pilgrimage as they engage in storytelling. During the pilgrimage we are introduced to one of the characters called the Summoner. The Summoner is someone the ecclesiastical court hires to bring before them to punish for their spiritual crimes....
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