Positive Impact Of Cultural Diversity

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Racism is like an epidemic disease that is uncontrollable. The more the disease itself be stimulated the faster it grows and infects another host. Every individual based their perspectives on other people according to their own standards and comfort zones. I argue that cultural diversity alone cannot solve the problem of institutional racism. The vast number of multicultural groups in Canada are experiencing adversity in life. Some people may overcome it but many of them failed to step up and not living normal life.

Canada is one of the biggest countries that implements multiculturalism. It respects and recognizes the diversity of languages, customs, and religions of another ethnicity. The beauty of this multicultural movement attracts low-profile nations to migrate and live in Canada. Asians, Mediterranean, Africans or even European countries accept and adapt to the Canadian culture. Economic factors such as health care careers, businesses, and manpower jobs contribute to the growing population of Canada. Most of the settlers become Canadian citizen and this status makes their ethnicity grow and resulted in a desire for power and wealth. As greener Pasteur arises the institutional racism starts to grow and spread the perception of discrimination.

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In the present times, many believe Whites are superior to other groups. The majority of the White people are entitled to be leaders and rule makers. The skin color makes a big difference, if you heard White means it is special, you can be what you want to be. Many of the establishments are facilitated by Caucasians or Europeans, and you will notice that workers are either Asians, Blacks, or Mediterranean. In politics, higher ranking people are White, they usually win the election with plenty of votes than the opposition. It is hard to reason out if you are not White, you cannot justify your answer or suggestion and people will judge you not accordingly. Some say, “I wish I was born White so I will have all the opportunity in life”, which really does make sense for others to realize the reality of life circumstances. Many get frustrated and having self-pity once they felt isolated and view their life as ugly as they cannot imagine. On the other hand, there are still a lot of people who want to flee to another nation and continue their life regardless of what circumstances they are going to face. This mentality continues to grow and become more of a life crisis.

Many historians have proven that Blacks are one of the first people who came to Canada. Black people experienced slavery for a very long time by the White colonizer. This would be the reason why they inherit the superiority and inferiority amongst White over Black people. Blacks are one of the multicultural groups that are experiencing racism in Canada. According to Codjoe, “what is so corrosive for Blacks is that there is no escaping these racial indignities. No matter how much you’ve accomplished, no matter how wealthy you may be, no matter how many people you employ, presumptions are made about you that are based solely on the colour of your skin” (2002, p. 106). As time goes by people became biased about judging Black people as anti-social, illiterate, or even unreliable. It does not matter what country or nation you came from as long as your skin is dark or pigmented, you will be discriminated from others. Trust cannot achieve by first meeting or initial interaction, if you are a Black you have to earn people’s trust and loyalty. For Black immigrants, it takes a lot of effort to become successful and stable in life compare to another ethnicity that was trying to migrate and attain status in Canada.

Nowadays, government officials are mandating anti-racism policy, but I don’t think it is useful unless people are become aware and known the history of Canada especially the first settlers. Furthermore, people believed Whites are superior everywhere and Blacks are the least important being in the country. On contrary, those dark-skinned people are one of the pioneers of this country. They started and built their community until it was colonized by the British empire. The fact that Black people had a big contribution in the country, many do not appreciate and value them. People tend to discriminate against them and isolate them towards social diversity.

Institutional racism becomes rampant these days. Workers and students are experiencing this situation. Aforementioned, diversity is one way to control racism, but you will notice that there are no university vice-chancellors from an ethnic minority background and very few senior managers are black or Asian. According to Back, “The face of racism that we are willing to recognize is that of the moral degenerate, the hateful BNP-supporting bigot” (2005, p. A3). Government are trying to show multicultural diversity, but they don’t know that in every institution, there are always biased situation which cannot be avoided until the government set rules and look into smaller details as well minorities that might be the worker itself or students in a university. Unfortunately, officials cannot face the fact that this problem is growing so fast and sooner or later it’s going to be an unavoidable situation.

In Canada, although racism is present, there are always people who are concerned of what is happening and want to solve the problems and propose possible solutions. The main concern of this plan is that, if these people have no power and no support or back up from the subordinates, it is going to be a negative result. According to Philip, “At worst it will, as it sometimes does, unwittingly perpetuate racism by muddying the waters between anti-racism and multiculturalism” (1990, p. A21). Good deeds are not worth it if people will not acknowledge and give importance about it.

Multiculturalism is now part of Canadian society, whereas, diversity is the common goal and continues to mandate by the government. Henceforth, racism arises and continues to aggravate. I believe that, in order to control and manage this, the government should consider the involvement of the immigrants. They should be knowledgeable about past events in Canada and be aware of its culture. Institutional racism can be diminished if the high-ranking officer will be fair with everybody, they should hire people according to their qualifications not by their ethnicity. In recent years, people are more liberated and open to change that is why I always agree that every individual still has the capacity to improve and develop their personality. If we become more concerned of human dignity, everyone will be fair and know how to respect every individual that may lead to the betterment of the society.  


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