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Post-Graduation in Project Management Aashish Pednekar

Statement Of Purpose

At the core of every business lies great ideas. Such ideas develop into ventures and drive the company’s mission. I have interpreted that it is an entrepreneur’s desire to bring visions and creativity to fruition. I have always been keen to be someone who boons a great deal from the world of business. I have acquired a lot from modern pioneers who have absolutely worked to improve the quality of our lives by using technology. With each passing year, I realized that my career would be around the area of construction and development. Ergo, I asserted to explore the field of engineering, not missing any opportunity to learn how innovation works in our everyday lives.

The Foundation of this lay in my childhood admiration of my father who is a Civil Engineer and I used to be fascinated and inquisitive whenever I accompanied him on his sites. My curiosity and inquisitiveness had no limits as I watched the molding and carving of different construction materials to build a structure that would meet human needs. I was intrigued by the infrastructure and other engineered structures and always dreamt to build one. This reinforced my decision to major in the field of Civil Engineering and being able to contribute to shaping the world I am living in.

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I completed my secondary schooling from Guardian Angel High School followed by Higher Secondary from Parvatibai Chowgule College. The passion for Engineering led me to enrol myself in Gogte Institute of Technology which is known to be one of the putative Institute in the state of Karnataka to complete my undergraduate studies. Over the course of four years, I was credited with subjects like Estimation, Design of R.C.C Structures, Structural Analysis, Surveying, and Transportation etc. I have also been part of the academic research project based on which was published in the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET). My engineering curriculum focused on technological and research work along with site visits to gain on-site experience and knowledge.

Apart from my academic studies, I was extremely active on many other fronts outside the classroom too. An avid follower of sports, I have won accolades across different competitions in both football and cricket. My interest in acting led me to participate in theatre related competitions where I tasted success multiple times at the national level. I also have an acute interest in reading and keeping myself up to date on the innovations around the globe.

In addition to my academic credentials, I also have relevant professional experience. I have worked under three different construction firms namely M/s. Jayshree Mallikarjun Constructions, Creative Abode, and M/s. Dalal Construction as an Engineer. I have been entrusted with numerous job responsibilities such as inspecting the quality and quantity of products used, keeping detailed and reliable records of project-related activities, assessing contractual risks and on-site safety requirements, communicating with contractors and site-related public concerns, and engaging with organizational groups. This holistic professional encounter has been invaluable to me as I have been able to appreciate the different dynamics that come into play in a real life situation and apply the concepts I have learnt during the course of my engineering suitably.

An Engineer’s technical skills are useful in solving technological or logical problems on engineering projects, such as cost analysis and alterations, forecasting, quality assurance, or scheduling. Nonetheless, these skills aren’t helpful when dealing with issues relevant to the aspects of management. During my professional experience as an Engineer, I realised that my undergraduate studies did not provide me with much exposure to Project Managerial skills. While I was not a slouch in managing a project in terms of scope, schedule, and expense, I lacked the ability to see how leadership, communications, strategic advice, and even personal instincts, play a role in managing the project. Studying project management will help me develop planning, delivery, monitoring and handling skills. These are crucial to ensure that a project is held within scope, on schedule and managed within the budget. My academic goal is to attain Post Graduation in Project Management as it is a corporate management course and a broader concept as I will be able to equip myself with the knowledge and skills to exercise higher managerial responsibilities.

Canada offers excellent education and is ranked among the best in the world. The welcoming nature of the country and its citizens towards people of different nationalities and races has encouraged me to further research about opportunities that I can pursue here. Institutes across Canada provide a diverse, creative and demanding atmosphere in which true potential can be nurtured. Canadian certification would certainly be a solid foundation for boosting my career and developing my future. Furthermore, Canada is a safe and peaceful country with excellent facilities for health care. I would be able to access many more opportunities in Canada than I would in the nation of my origin. Talented students from around the globe enrol for a multitude of courses on offer in Canada and interacting with them will only help me grow both personally as well as professionally.

Consequently, I would like to pursue my Post Graduation in Project Management from Algonquin College. To me, not only its outstanding prestige but also the highly qualified faculty and the state-of-the art facilities of this Institute are a major attraction. In particular, I am deeply interested in various courses this program would offer that will influence the competitive performance of a particular business concern, such as cost, time and quality management, scope management, human resources and leadership responsibility.

The program from Algonquin College will equip me to combine the entirety of my experience and knowledge of hierarchical administration with modern concepts within the business and administration areas. I believe graduating from Algonquin, will endow me with the training that I seek to advance into a corporate role as a Project Manager, through collaborative projects and industry-driven guidance. It will enable me to establish a network in the business world, work under pressure, and meet deadlines and expectations, and bridge existing knowledge and skill gaps. I am certain that this Post-Graduate program in Project Management will encourage me to upgrade my potential as a business proficient.

Upon completing my Post-Graduation in Canada, I intend to return as a Project Manager to my home country with the exceptional skillset and join the Construction industry which continues to thrive in India. I see myself working with a team of capable and like-minded individuals in an esteemed organization where I would look to grow along with the organization. In the distant future, I see myself forming an organization in the construction domain and leading the same. I hope you will concede me the benefit of seeking my Post Graduation from Canada. If given an opportunity, I shall make the best out of it.


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