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I’d like you to picture the scene. You have a very exciting holiday coming up in a couple of months. You can’t wait to just get on a sun lounger and be in the sun all day. You’re looking forward to the unlimited cocktails on an evening, and you cannot wait for the feeling of when you take your first step off of that airplane. You know what feeling I’m talking about. That feeling when the fresh air just hits you in the face, it’s all nice and warm and it just covers your whole body with excitement. Yeah, I love that feeling too. So it’s getting closer to the time of starting to pack for this amazing holiday. You pull out your dusty old suitcase from the loft. You open all the zips and check all the compartments, just to see if you accidentally left anything in there the last time you put it away. You find a half-eaten packet of chewing gum, a couple of clothes tags from your last getaway, and maybe that rogue pair of sunglasses you could have sworn you’d lost. After triple-checking every compartment just to make sure that there’s nothing left in there, you lay your suitcase down on the floor and open it up. Time to start packing. You walk over to your wardrobe flinging the doors open to have a look at the contents inside. You pull out every single piece of holiday clothing that you can remember taking on your last trip. You lay them all out on your bed, looking at each piece carefully, trying to decide whether you should take it or not. Once you’ve decided which ones you still like, you put them in a pile to one side. That pile is now the “does it still fit pile”. Individually, you start to try them on. You start to think “this tops a little bit tight” and “I’m sure I could get these shorts over my bum last year”. By the end of trying on the pile of clothes, you end up just sat on the floor in your room wondering what to do. This is when the realization kicks in. The realization that you’re going to have to go and buy some new clothes. You pick yourself up off of the floor and put on a brave face. You keep telling yourself everything is fine and I can do this. You put on your shoes, your coat, grab your handbag, and head out the door. A little while later you’re stood staring at the outside of a shopping center. The kind of shopping center that is full of the best High Street stores. You get excited as you think about all the new clothes that you’re about to buy and how fabulous you’re going to look in every single one of them. As you’re walking through the automatic doors you can feel a small smile creep onto your face. You excitedly hurry to the first shop on your list, not too fast though. You don’t want people to think you’re mad. You weave your way through the crowd of shoppers until you get to your destination. The shop looks so glamorous from the outside. It has full-height floor-to-ceiling windows, with an array of mannequins behind them, posed in different positions. Each one dressed exquisitely in the latest fashion trends. The lighting coming from the store is bright and inviting. As you look inside and see the shoppers happily going about their business, the music starts to entice you in. You take your first few steps and feel a little overwhelmed about the amount of choice there is. You make a beeline for the first rail you see. The rail in front of you has three different variations of the same plain crop top. Crop tops aren’t really your thing. There is no way you’re going to walk around with your stomach out in front of loads of strangers, so you move onto the next Rail. This one is full of cropped hoodies. You think to yourself “you wear hoodies when it’s cold so what is the point in a cropped hoodie”. You let that thought pass you by as you Delve deeper into the store. You finally reach the holiday section. You spot the swimming costumes in the corner and decide to go take a look. After browsing the selection they have you realize that there are flaws with almost all of these swimming costumes. The bottoms on most of the bikinis are that small they look like they have been designed with a child in mind. All of the tankinis that you can see have got horizontal stripes, which you are told are never flattering on a bigger girl. The swimming costumes have got that mYou try to push these thoughts to the back of your mind as you reach your selected cubicle. As you lock the cubicle door you check the side gaps just to make sure that they’re not big enough for any passersby to look at. You hang your items up, take off your shoes and coat, place your bag on the seat, and look in the mirror. It’s time to do this. One after another you try each clothing item on, and with everyone that you try on, your self-esteem gets worse. Nothing looks right. Why doesn’t this look right? It’s definitely my size! As time passes every Minute spent in that cubicle feels like an hour. Once you have tried all your items on, you crawl back into your own clothes, throw your coat on, grab your handbag, and make your way to the entrance of the fitting room. Feeling deflated you walk up to the store employee and hand back your number tag. They ask you how everything was in there, and if the items are ok for you. Reluctantly you hand everything back to the employee and stated that nothing was right. You walk out of the fitting rooms and back into the store. After that ordeal, just looking at the number of clothes around you was making you want to cry. You don’t want to go to any other stores, you just want to go home, and with that, you exit the shopping center empty-handed. So now you’re back at home, wearing your dressing gown, binge-watching Netflix, and waiting for your Domino’s to be delivered. Trying to block from your mind the fact that you’re going to have to do it all again tomorrow.any holes in them it looks like a swarm of moths have attacked that section, and don’t even get me started on the Wight knitted bikini. Eventually, you grab a costume you think might look cute and add it to your basket. After wandering around and picking up a few other pieces you decide to go to the fitting room. You take out the things in your basket that you’re wanting to try on so the staff member can count them. As you hand, these pieces over you feel a sudden wave of embarrassment. Please don’t look at the size, please don’t look at the size, please don’t look at the size. When the counting is finished the staff member hands the clothes back to you along with a number tag and tells you to select any cubicle. As you thank them they reassure you that if you need any other sizes just give them a call. You know they say that to everyone and that’s just their job but your embarrassment gets worse. Do they think I’m going to need a bigger size? Do they think I won’t fit into these? 

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