Privacy Concerns With Social Networking Services

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Social media have become a big part of our society now, they are being used in all aspects of our life. Thanks to these new modern media, the whole of the community was ever brought so close that one could, almost instantly, convey anything to the desired audience. The emergence of other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter complimented the rise of social media marketing and so its privacy. These have now rendered privacy issues at the forefront of discussions.

First of all, I think as the number of the audience base increased, the massive influx of personal information became available online and stored in the cloud. So this lots of various have tempted them to ask for more and more data for better user-base management. Although the administrators assure the solid securities of data privacy, nonetheless, literally they are prone to get public or hacked. Additionally, it exists also several threats when publishing our profile online on any social media platform as they are collecting our information for analyzing our characters and then improve their marketing and advertising. For example, we might, therefore, come across personalized endorsements appearing on news feeds based on “surfing behavior, hobbies, or favorite pop culture”. Take another example is location-based networks, they are, though very innovative and somewhat helpful at times of need, but they make daily routines of individual public information.

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However, on the other hand, social networks are crucial as well to remain connected and updated with the world. So, here we come up with some basic advice which can keep you sheltered whenever you use the Internet. Firstly, there are people out there who want to get someone’s private information. It’s essential to keep checking your privacy settings regularly. Secondly, many sites push their users to agree to terms that are best for the sites, but not the users. Users should be aware of whether the social networking site is secured before sharing any information about themselves. Last but not least, users should create different passwords for different websites and remember to change them from time to time. This will protect users’ information in case your devices are stolen or one of your accounts is lost.

Bref, with the world becoming more connected and internet-savvy, social networks become more vulnerable. Moreover, the system of earning through data collection is something very hazardous. Unless the social network companies see a dip in their consumer base and take actions, it is you, the user, who will always need to take precautions so that the benefits of social networking reach you without any dear cost.


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