Pro Choice Abortion: Moral Side Of A Question

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As a child, growing up in a religious home, moral values were one of those things seen to be sacred which were not be compromised. Often questions of issues of homosexuality, abortion and rape were quite sensitive that we don’t talk about. However, with my little appreciation of Jurisprudence, it’s imperative to have a rather objective mind on issues of such nature. Morality on the other side is subjective. What one may take to be moral, may be seen to be immoral by another. This paper attempts to situate the discussion in perspective as to whether moral argument would be affected if the law allowed only abortion to be committed on victims of rape. In this paper, I assert that it would affect the moral argument due to the fact that moral judgments are more subjective than objective.

To begin with, rape itself isn’t natural because sexual intercourse should be pleasurable and consensual. Moreover, the tall list of emotional and psychological trauma that comes along with being raped is nothing to write home about. Pregnancy, just like rape should not be imposed on women therefore, the availability of abortion. One significant ethical conundrum with respect to moral judgements is ‘abortion.’ Customarily, termination of pregnancy regardless of circumstances informing the decision is not acceptable hence morally unacceptable. Thus, abortion is alien to our customs although it is mentioned in the Criminal and Offences Act.

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Various cultures ascribe to human life some inherent sanctity and dignity and call for the protection of life right from the onset of conception to death. Thus, the right to life is described as inalienable. Consequently, life, regardless of how it originates ought to receive the same protection that is enshrined in the light of its inalienability, dignity and sanctity backed by law. This seems to be the basis on the moral argument regarding the legality of abortion in general.

The antecedents informing the moral arguments about abortion seems to be hinged upon the prerogative for protecting the genesis of the human being in foetal life. The unborn baby is considered as a complete human being, therefore killing it is tantamount to killing a real person.

On the flip side, when the paradigm of the argument shifts from killing an innocent person to preserving the bodily rights or integrity of the woman then the activists of pro-choice comes in. Interestingly, with the increasing awareness of feminine rights, many women see abortion as a right not a privilege. In light of this, it’s only prudent that a woman makes the decision to terminate or keep a pregnancy if she so wishes without any form of fear, discrimination or legal restrictions.

If the law is to make abortion legal for raped victims only, it would defeat the moral argument. A woman should be allowed to utilize abortion just as a man decides to choose the color of the tie he wears. Therefore, if the law allowed abortion only for raped victims, then it would be unjust and unfair


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