Pro-Choice Abortion: USA Law And Debates

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According to the current abortion laws in the United States, abortion is legal in all 50 states. However, each state has set limitations and regulations on how the procedure can be done. The two major positions on abortions are pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-choice is the position in favor of legalized abortions. Pro-life is the opposite as in this position is against abortion completely. I classify my position as pro-choice to a certain extent. I believe that you should be able to choose until the legal time frame before the fetus begins to become viable.

The biggest debate on abortions law in my opinion is the time when the abortion becomes no longer legal. The most common cut off time for abortions in the United States is twelve weeks. After this time the fetus starts to develop into a viable fetus. This means that the fetus has the ability to survive outside of the fetus. In this time frame the fetus begins to develop a heartbeat. Once the heartbeat begins developing the process of growth for the fetus has began, this means it is becoming independent. The live of the fetus has began and it is now an human being just like the rest us.

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One of the debates for pro-choice positions is that it is the womens body so it should be her choice. When a woman becomes pregnant there are many aspects that go into how the pregnancy should be handled. These aspects include financials, responsibility, and normal aspects of healthy life for the child. The financial aspect of having children is huge. Being able to financially support a children is very difficult. The child needs the basics such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. Then comes schooling and other needs that come along with growing up. Parents need to be responsible enough to take care of the child. They need to know that the child is their biggest responsibility and they are now in control of a child’s life until they are able to care take of themselves.

Another pro-choice dispute to the “Womens body, women’s choice” argument.

The debate consist of that the woman carries the child for nine months during pregnancy and goes through a large physical change that she should be able to choose what happens to her own body. This argument is similar to “dealing with the consequences”. A women is going to deal with the decision she makes. If she decides to keep the child, then she will become a parent and change her life forever. However, she will also change her life forever is she decides to have an abortion. The mental aspect of having an abortion can affection a women for the rest of her life. The effects can include negative emotional or psychological effects and can lead to depression. The results differ from women to women but often include emotional trauma.

The biggest objective is that most women would want an abortion most likely did not plan the pregnancy. This can be caused by unprotected or unresponsible sex. This can lead to people waiting too long to get the procedure because they are unaware that they are pregnant. Getting an abortion is a huge decision for the women and family. There are many things to consider before having an abortion. Many women are scared to get one or are afraid to what people may think of them if they do. This can cause delay to the process and push over into the legal limit to wait. I believe that the women should do what she wants and understand that she is not alone in this decision. Thousands of women get abortions and go through these hard decisions. Women should make sure they decide before the twelve week limit so that the best interest for her is met.

Waiting too long is a concern for the child and the mother. Once the time frame has come it is no longer an object for an abortion. This could bring issues to the situation because after the twelve weeks they will no choice but to have the child and that changes their life dramatically. One thing to lessen the amount of unplanned pregnancy that lead to abortions is making birth control more easily available. There are many different methods of birth control exist, but the available to all women to get on birth control is difficult. Currently, only about 60% of sexually active women are on birth control in the United States. That leaves 40% of women at risk for an unplanned pregnancy. Therefore, if we increased the amount of women on birth control it could declined the rates of unplanned pregnancy.

The reason that this is such a controversial topic is it has to do with human life. With either decision is made a human life is affected. That is why the decision to have the child or to get an abortion is such a hard decision to make. There may not be a right or wrong decision because there are so many aspects that most people who do not go through this do not consider.  


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