Essays on Psychological Disorders

Substance Use Psychological Theories

Substance use can be experimental or a one-off experience, for example, but the risk factors and vulnerabilities of some individuals developing a dependency, resulting in Substance Use Disorder (SUD), over another individual has varying influences and is multifaceted. The DSM-V criteria for substance use disorders cover several criteria, including: 1) taking the substance in large...
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Neuroscience To Better Understanding Cognition, Psychological Disorders, And Social Behaviour

The interaction between artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience to better understanding cognition, psychological disorders, and social behaviour The progression of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed rapidly in recent years in the domain of smartphones, medicine, robotics, and with progression, many more. The movement of computers saw the budding interaction between neuroscience, psychology, and AI (Hassabis...
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Eating Disorders: Your School Isn’t Safe

On a common Monday of December, with 31 years, Kate Chilver lost the fight against anorexia. The British girl died after suffering almost 20 years of the disease. Her case has been described by the doctors of the United Kingdom as the worst seen ever. At age 12 Kate Chilver began with this disease and...
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