Quality Assurance Program In A Healthcare Facility

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For this module, I will be discussing Mayo Clinic as the source for this paper. Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization (NGO) dedicated to clinical run-through, continuous education and intensive research, proficient health care provider, and complete care and passion to everyone who needs healing. A prominent medicine practitioner named William W. Mayo, who is an Englishman staying in Rochester, established the Mayo Clinic and started its legacy in the field of delivering health care services (History of Mayo Clinic. 2013). Together with him is his two sons, Will and Charlie Mayo in their medical practice. Being known with their family’s character, the medical group of the Mayo family unit eventually opened-up their doors to other doctors to be one with their advocacy. The result of this unification is the introduction of a multi-specialty group practice in the health care market. The death of the Mayo brothers in the year 1939 did not stop the operation of Mayo clinic but instead, the Clinic is able to sustain its business management under the direction by the principle and ideals the Mayo kin has started. Currently, in addition to its leading hospital in Rochester, Mayo Clinic has foremost campuses in Arizona and Florida. The Mayo Clinic Health System also operates with connected facilities throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa (Mayo Clinic. 2002).

Mayo Clinic governance is to deliver the highest quality of medical care. From their founder William Mayo, he stated that the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered (MFMER. 1998). Since the main concern of the Mayo clinic is to give and deliver the best quality health care to their patient, the commitment is done and carried out through, by the cohesive medical practice, raising up the level of education and researches to support the patient in attaining the wellness as a whole. As what their mission is all about, it is to the patient they are committed to delivering the best care while under their supervision. In order to so, the organization see to it that they take part consistent in different areas so that they can be visible to their patient and be accommodating to all their needs. Just like what we have tackled in giving quality assurance health care, it is for the best if there is teamwork and be able to deliver the best care under the quality assurance program. To let the patients, experience the personalized medical treatment of their doctors by identifying the cause of their health problem and treating them individually. The makeover of the health care delivery by having it known to the other organizations and to contribute to the field of health care industry (MFMER. 1998). Mayo Clinic has a distinct range of facilities and real estate. The inventory includes clinics, hospitals, research facilities, educational facilities, administrative, power plants, parking ramps, healthy living, senior housing, and warehousing. These facilities are controlled locally within coordinated Mayo Clinic opportunities (MFMER. 1998).

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According to Santrach, P. (2006), Mayo Clinic is following the 10 key points in maintaining a quality assurance program in the healthcare industry. First is to start with a plan. This is to ensure that the patient on care testing plan (POCT) does not take place without a plan and without it being look over by an institutional committee. That committee also supervises the quality control on a very strong note and has the right to put an end to testing, if people do not meet the terms. This will determine what and how will the doctors do and respond to give the utmost care needed by a patient. The second point is to be able to create a quality framework. This is to make sure that before executing an idea or putting it into action, everything is set accordingly with the rules and regulations. It is much better to work and get good results when everybody is on the same line of thinking. For the third point is proper training for the health care workers. From making a plan, building a framework it is time to train persons with appropriate skills. This should be consistent because the result of having a quality assurance program depends on the performance by the trainees. In simply operating a new machine, not all personnel are allowed to operate on a special machine, it requires skill and knowledge under the supervision of the coordinators. The fourth point to acquire quality healthcare is easy to follow procedures. This is conducive to busy hospital settings wherein there is little of time is needed to go through and browse for manuals before proceeding to a test. It will lessen the time for the patient while waiting to be done and this will make the healthcare worker attend to other patients. Time -saving is beneficial both to the patient and the healthcare worker thus resulting in fast pacing working hours but with a safety net on the side always. For the fifth point, it is essential for an organization to have all the necessary tools available and handy to the workplace. This will be less stressful to a patient and for the healthcare worker in administering medical care procedures. Being systematic in processing action is good but as always it needed many precautionary measures to prevent untoward incidents to occur. The sixth point is the automation system. Being in the technological world, adapting to this kind of system can easily save a life by having the technical skill to encode and operate machines. This is also used in documentation of records to keep track of the progress of a patient under the care of a physician and a healthcare worker. Transmitting a medical record can be done instantly if there is an urgent need for it. For the seventh key point, following an incident for making improvements. This is to avoid any errors that might result from incomplete or wrong information that is being given by a patient or the healthcare worker in that case. By identifying a problem, what went wrong and finding a solution must be strictly followed. The eighth key point is assessing the quality completely. This will determine the job performance of a healthcare worker depending on the results of the tests given in their assigned areas. The ninth point in observance of health assurance program is being visible. As the independent personnel or physician for that matter can be the coordinator in checking the patient on care program, it means being there for the patient to talk to on their experiences having under the care of the health care facility at the same time. The results will lead to the adjustment needed to be done by the management to give the best medical care service for a patient. In this note, it is best to serve the questionnaire to a patient who is about to be discharged and get their comments or suggestions for further improvement. There is no better result than to hear that they are about to leave the hospital satisfied in the care rendered by the healthcare facility and the healthcare worker. But if ever, the result is not as expected then it is time to check what went wrong, what could be done to correct the occurrence. For the last key point is to have a fair and strong cultural background is important to implement the health assurance program. This is to make clear that a healthcare worker might experience an untoward incident but this does not mean to hide and leave the situation as it is. There is still room for improvement and changes to lessen the untoward incidents in the future. It is safe to say that they will never be criticize in their mistake. This way the problem is solved and learn something from what occurred.

I found out there is a never event occurred (MFMER. 1998). Mayo clinic nevertheless made sure to utilize precautionary measures for the repetition of the never event. But in rare cases, Mayo clinic experienced the never event and the direct response is to attend to the medical need of the patient instantly. Afterward, the Mayo personnel face the family of the patient and discuss what happened and what could be done to lessen the negative reactions. It is the best thing to do in order to keep the communication open and build the trust issue. These days, Mayo Clinic is determined in all circumstances to review and process the procedures strongly to avoid any untoward incident to happen in the future.   


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