Essays on Readmission

Heart Failure Readmission Among Older Adults

Heart failure (HF) is an ailment in which the human heart is not capable to pump an adequate amount of blood to meet one’s body demands. Several studies have been conducted on different aspects of readmission in hospitals among older adults, HF is counted as one of them. However, comparable results are advocated in this...
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Analysis Of Machine Learning Technique For Heart Failure Readmission

1. Introduction In 21st century, it is mandatory, and that people depend on technology. This resolves the problems and make life better. Nowadays lot of people suffer from Cardiac problem and its mainly due to life style problem. There are few points to know: Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common type of heart...
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Pre-discharge BNP Predicting 30 Day Readmission Rate

Background BNP is a hormone secreted by cardiac muscle cells of the ventricles in response to stretching caused by ventricular blood volume. It is currently been utilized in diagnosis of acute exacerbation of heart failure as well as for prognostic value post myocardial infarction. BNP levels change during heart failure exacerbation as well as after...
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