Rebecca As The Character Of The Story Ivanhoe And Rebecca By Sir Walter Scott

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Rebecca is one of the main characters in the story “Ivanhoe and Rebecca”, by Sir Walter Scott. The story shows an injured knight named Ivanhoe asking for details on the battle by the Jewish maiden Rebecca. She watches the battle from inside the castle with Ivanhoe and gives a description of what is happening.

Rebecca has many characteristics, and her first characteristic is that she is interested in Ivanhoe. “In finding herself once more by the side of Ivanhoe, Rebecca was astonished at the keen sensation of pleasure which she experienced, even at a time when all around them both was danger, if not despair. As she felt his pulse, and inquired after his health, there was a softness in her touch and in her accents, implying a kinder interest than she would herself have been pleased to have voluntarily expressed”. Rebecca has been tending to Ivanhoe’s wounds and it seems she is growing affectionate to Ivanhoe by gently touching him and trembling when she is near him. She constantly checks on his health, and checks his pulse, and she did all of this willingly.

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Another characteristic of Rebecca is she has a Christian faith. “Yet what is our portion in him, and how justly am I punished by Heaven for letting my thoughts dwell upon him!”, “God of Zion protect us!”, “God of Moses, forgive the creatures thou hast made!” It appears she knows biblical characters and so and she begs for forgiveness at the sight of the battle. “With patient courage, strengthened by the interval which she had employed in mental devotion…”

The third and fourth characteristics of Rebecca are she is scared and daring. “Rebecca’s high-toned mind could feel even in that moment of terror. Her eye kindled, although the blood fled from her cheeks; and there was a strong mixture of fear, and of a thrilling sense of the sublime, as she repeated, half whispering to herself, half speaking to her companion, the sacred text – “The quiver rattleth – the glittering spear and the shield – the noise of the captains and the shouting!” Her blood is flowing away from her cheeks making her pale when she sees the sight of the battle; it is a sobering and serious moment for her. “‘It shall be welcome!’ murmured Rebecca, as with firm pace she ascended two or three steps, which led to the window of which they spoke.” Rebecca risks her life by looking out of a window of the castle where she endangers herself of being killed by a volley of arrows from yeoman, but she does so willingly so she can give Ivanhoe details which are a daring move on her part.

The last characteristic I want to mention is that she has a servant’s heart. “Rebecca in compliance with the wishes of Ivanhoe, made that attempt to bring Cedric into the wounded knight’s chamber…” Ivanhoe requests to see “a Christian priest”, and so Rebecca fetches Cedric. She did so without question and I’m sure she was more than happy to do so for Ivanhoe. 


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