Reflections About Pro-choice Abortion

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The controversial discussion regarding women’s ability to choose to terminate their pregnancy has been the forefront of many political movements in the recent years. Abortion stirs the pot for a lot of people for positive and negative reasons. In most cases, abortion uses medicine or surgery to end an unwanted pregnancy within four to six weeks. Many supporters of the criminalization of abortions past six weeks believe that abortion is murder of an innocent human. These supporters are often labelled as pro-life supporters. However, there are many significant explanations that describe why the option to have an abortion is needed in modern society. For instance, studies reveal that a fetus is incapable of feeling pain and discomfort during the termination process. Women should be given the opportunity to choose if they would like to keep their child because it is related to women’s human rights and it can affect their mental health as well as the child’s well-being.

To begin with, women should not be criticized nor looked down upon if they decide to have an abortion. A major misconception and belief held by many people who discourage women is that child rearing is women’s primary function, but it is not a women’s primary job to raise children. There are many ways women get pregnant unintentionally, whether it’s by the change of birth control or a condom breaking. There are many cases that would cause a female to become pregnant that warrants an abortion such as pregnancies that occur as a result of rape or teenage neglect. Forcing women to have children if they are not mentally ready or financially stable imposes on their rights. Giving women the power to make the choice whether to become a mother is pivotal to their sense of independence. According to, “Reproductive choice empowers women by giving them control over their own bodies.” Women should not be limited to the standards of the government nor religion, that adds unnecessary stress and ignores the thoughts and feels women possess, especially when the pregnancy occurs in extreme conditions. For instance, pregnancies that occur as a result of sexual violence is also a major concern. A high percentage of women in America have been raped or sexually assaulted. This epidemic cannot easily be solved and contributes to many unwanted pregnancies each year. At ages lower than 12 years old, girls are being sexually assaulted and sometimes they become pregnant. An abortion would be helpful in these extreme cases because of society’s negative stigma toward child pregnancies and the financial burden that comes along with the birth of a baby. Without the choice for an abortion, many girls will be looked down on, misunderstood, and misrepresented due to the natural effects that pregnancy has on a female’s body and mind. Moreover, there has been a significant increase in the amount of accidental teen pregnancies in the United States. Despite the introduction of sex education in public schools, teenagers continue to make risky decisions that can impact their future forever. The abolishment of abortion can leave many teenagers with no real options to progress in life. The reality is that every pregnant teen is not in a position to take care of a child. Many middle-class families live paycheck to paycheck and would have to force their teen child to drop out of high school if a newborn baby is added to the picture. Simply, no child should be forced to live in a world where they cannot properly dictate their future. Although sex is a choice, teenagers are not always mature enough to make the best decisions; therefore, the government should not punish them by taking away a safe procedure that can protect the teens psyche and future.

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Additionally, the hormonal changes in pregnant women’s body has a significant impact on their mental health. If they are being forced to have a child that they are not ready for, the negative effects that a woman faces post-pregnancy can be greater and can make it more difficult for them to both raise and support the child. In order for a baby to develop properly without complications, the mother needs to be healthy, both physically and mentally. This is exemplified in the following passage found on “In the United States alone: Approximately 70%-80% of women will experience the ‘baby blues’.” During the pregnancy the mother’s hormones fluctuates; therefore, many new mothers go through periods of depression that later leads to the development of the baby blues. If the mother continues to experience the baby blues, it can turn into a severe form of postpartum depression. During this time, it is imperative for the mother to have the proper resources to receive help and recover from this condition. Furthermore, if there are no legal alternatives placed pregnant women will find other ways to terminate the pregnancy. Performing illegal abortion can cause unfortunate complications for other pregnancies, such as miscarriages, and even traumatic deaths for pregnant women. As stated by, “Access to legal, professionally-performed abortions reduces maternal injury and death caused by unsafe, illegal abortions.”

The need for legal abortion procedures are not just for pregnant women’s satisfaction but keeps their best interest at heart for their safety and welfare. In addition, many times, women find out they are pregnant around six weeks and need time to consider their options or save money for costly abortions. Taking away women’s right to take the time to make such an immense decision for their body can put them and their future child in jeopardy. Also, having a child can be a major financial shift, especially for someone who is not financially stable. Unless the government officials take responsibility to be the sole provider for the child and the mother’s needs, it is not required for them to have a say for what is good or bad for women.

Lastly, the child’s well-being should predominantly be the main priority. Many supporters of the prohibition of abortions argue that adoption is still a viable option for mothers who are not ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child. However, even if the mother decides to put her baby up for foster care, that would not make it easier on the child. “There are nearly 443,000 children in foster care in the United States”, according to With so many children in the system alone, it would be very challenging for the child to get adopted. As stated on, “The Child Trend studies suggest that “about 2% of the U.S. child population is adopted…” The child’s race, age, and other factors can also determine their fate and chances for a better future. There are negative consequences for mothers who decide to keep an unwanted child. Unwanted children are faced with possible adversity of being neglected, abused, or abandoned. These factors could have been prevented in the beginning, if pregnant mothers were given the option to abort their pregnancy. The feeling of being loved, appreciated, and wanted from a mother is something every child is entitled and worthy of having. Stripping such an opportunity from a child jeopardizes them from experiencing a loving and memorable relationship with their mother.

All in all, I do not support the abolishment of abortion. It is irresponsible and insensitive to the women who find themselves in extreme circumstances, whether they are at fault or a victim. Childbirth is precious, but it leaves an all-consuming burden on those who are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it. In a world where mental illness is already a major issue, taking away women’s human rights is not the right answer. Due to the reasons and evidence discussed above, it is not practical for all women to be forced into motherhood. Removing the choice for an abortion will force women and young girls into motherhood unwilfully and that disregards women’s rights, mental health and the child’s wellbeing. 


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