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Myself has always disliked getting up and ready quite early for school. Most student if you asked them the question, they would tell you they would wish to start their school day later. Many studies and scientific research have been proved and shown to address the fact a later start time for school can be beneficial for the students and for some of the teachers in fact would agree as well. In my opinion, I believe that school should start later due to some of the reasons that I will address with you.

For one, if school started later students would be able to get more sleep. At our age sleep is an essential part of our growth and development so we can grow and become healthy well living adults. Scientists say and recommend the teenagers should be getting about 10-12 hours of sleep per night to be fully rested and recovered. More sleep in the teenage body help us to regenerate and recover and helps the adolescent brain develop, another reason why school should start later is that more sleep will help students stay wide awake and attentive during class. If students are engaged during class, then for the obvious reason they will give more direct attention to the teacher and do better in class. My personal experience has been that I was told by numerous teachers that we start early in order to prepare us to wake up early for our ‘9-5’ jobs as adults. This does not matter in my opinion as not enough sleep can cause health concerns, which are quite important.

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If school was to start later then that would motivate a lot of young adolescents like myself. While some adults and some children in factor think that teens are lazy and slothful for not getting up really early, in fact many doctors and scientists say that that isn’t exactly adequate and true. It may seem as though a simple explanation or answer for this a logistical is just quite easy to simply go to bed earlier. But many scientists and researchers say that this is definitely not an easy answer to this solution and will most likely not work. Many adolescents have to live through the hormonal shifts that make simply having a good night’s kip very arduous, if not near impossible. The adolescent’s body clocks simply won’t allow them to fall asleep before 11 p.m., even when they’re tired.

Many studies have been proved to show just as little as 30 minutes by delaying school can have a very dramatic effect on teens’ health and performance in the school environment. So, most researchers state that school should be postponed to at least 9:30 which is 30 minutes past the usual and early start time of 9am. On the other hand, many people say that delaying the secondary school times could face its own problems such as the bus, schedules and many after school activities, and sporting affairs for the entire community. Changing the secondary school times could have what’s known as a ‘domino’ effect on most of the schools and have logistical mayhem. As much as I take this point in my mind it doesn’t make much sense as the daily schedule of many people’s life can be rearranged if most schools delay there start times for their teenager attending pupils.

The University of Minnesota has stated that students who start their school day later achieve better academic results as in test results, grades and the consistency in core subjects’ areas compared to the students who start their day earlier. Students can also

see changes in improved attendance rates, reduced truancy, and a huge reduction rate in the number of pupils dropping out in later years when their school management is matched with their own body clocks. My last point on why school should start later is that it gives students a better chance to eat breakfast. One of the primary things that disappear when pupils are in a major hurry to get to school is a good nutritious breakfast. By forcing the start time to later in the day, there is a greater chance to have a bit more time to eat something more nutritious than a ready-made breakfast item. Reducing the prevalence of so-called ‘on the go eating ‘options can force the student to make healthier meal choices and promote a healthier weight and better personal nutrition, which further increases the chances of a positive self-learning experience.

In conclusion, changing the school start time would be very demanding and difficult in many aspects over reasons I have discussed. Although it would largely benefit teens and their individual sleep habits, changing to a later school start time would positively affect the rest of the student’s day. Just to recap on some of the main points why schools should start later- It would reduce health-related issues that come with a lack of sleep, it could boost individual academic-performance and it allows students to have more time for a nutritious breakfast. These are just some of the beneficial factors that affect positively on starting school later and I hope you will take some of these arguing points away with you from this essay.


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