Reportgarden: Budgeting Software

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ReportGarden: Budgeting Software 

It is very crucial in a company or organization’s financial growth, to have the capacity to estimate its budget and to as well work within the budget parameters of similar importance is predicting the future financial needs in order to be properly prepared. It’s as well very tedious and time consuming to get your company’s diverse marketing data manually and then go ahead to compile a comprehensive report with accurate data. This critical information would hence necessitate the intervention of financial professionals who would most likely deploy the use of a budgeting software. This could either be a simple single-entry one or a more complex application with double-entry platforms and more enhanced tools. Thus a software that can automatically get all this data for you and give you an exhaustive report at the push of a button is certainly worth investing into.

There is a large assortment of budgeting softwares, which vary from some very basic and free tools to highly accurate and costly programs. Their features also vary widely due to their diverse categories. Certain programs do as little as reporting only, while the highly robust ones would actually allow your organization to take control of processes such as analysis, forecasting and they may as well allow you to customize your branding.

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A good budgeting software can enhance the performance of your company in various aspects including automating repetitive tasks thereby keeping your records with ultimate accuracy besides many other brilliant benefits. A system of this caliber has become indispensable in any fast growing organization. Budgeting softwares as well come in handy in predicting future expenses of your organization, thereby easing in the creation of realistic budgets and leaving more time in your hands to focus in the growth and expansion of your organization. This would hence result in increased profitability margins. In this regard ReportGarden is a requisite Budgeting software platform.

What is ReportGarden?

ReportGarden besides being a budgeting software is a comprehensive Multi-channel reporting platform designed to bring together performance and analytical reports by digital and online marketers for their respective agencies and organizations. ReportGarden has brilliant modules to ease in the management of modern businesses. They include; budgeting, invoicing and a SEO Audit module. With enhanced customization capabilities ReportGarden ensures effortless generation of analysis and subsequent display of specified data. It as well gives you control of the kind of presentation you would prefer to accord your data. You can in the same breath construct the reports online in a variety of downloadable formats.

This software was birthed out of a need to get an enhanced alternative to the spreadsheet reports offered by Bing and Google in generating reports from a large variety of data, analyze it and present the information in a visualized manner to ease contemplation.

Some of the Awesome Benefits of ReportGarden

  • Accurate Budget Forecasts.

ReportGardens’ budgeting module will help you in planning, monitoring and ultimately acting on your budget. This will ensure that you won’t overspend either presently or in the future. Additionally with the automation of data analysis and report generation by ReportGarden you can rest assured that you will receive your data accurately and spontaneously tailored to your exact specifications. This will hence save you many hours of putting together data charts and manually keying in endless numbers with a high likelihood of errors.

  • Comprehensive Automated Reports.

ReportGarden does all the heavy data pulling for you from a variety of sources such as Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and Google Adwords. It as well compiles all these data and gives you a comprehensive report automation with a single click on your keyboard. This software is compatible with all the major data sources, giving you the liberty to harvest data from the channels of your choice and compile them in one comprehensive report. These data sources include MailChimp, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, CallBox, Google Analytics and Google Ads amongst others.

  • Reliable and Extensive Data Analysis

While marketing your goods or services you will rely on data to know the results, especially if you have heavily invested in paid advertising platforms like, Bing Advertising, Facebook advertising, Adwords or any other social media advertising platform. In this regard ReportGarden enables you to create your own easy-to-use customizable dashboards thus allowing you to get specified data analysis as you may need and as well have it displayed in your own unique way. This very feature will as well enable you to forecast your revenues and as well create reports on the basis of your receivables and your specific payments turnaround timings. Also availed at the tip of your fingers are detailed traffic analysis to help you with further market analysis and valuable actionable insights.

Features Availed in Reportgarden

  • The Budget Tracking Module

ReportGarden is certainly your go to software when it comes to tracking your organizations budget or your client’s on regular basis if you have multi-level adverts across different platforms without a budget tracking software your campaigns are bound to either overspend or fall far below your budget.

With this budget tracking module you will be able to automatically integrate specific accounts with their budgets. While a specific clients budget falls out of line and is no longer at par with your estimates you will get notified as ReportGarden lets you schedule such alerts at such a time as would be convenient for you to take the necessary measures. Thereby providing peaceful working relations with everyone involved. If you are a marketing agent this module will as well help you in managing different clients’ campaigns with assorted accounts on the same platform.

  • SEM and PPC Reporting Tool

If you have been in business for a while you certainly know how tasking it can get trying to monitor budgets, track campaigns and generate reports while at the same time working at growing your business. But all this is now breeze with ReportGarden’s PPC Reporting Tool which will easily generate customized colorfully visualized reports and deliver them in a timely manner to all your clients.

You can as well easily automate PPC reports tailored to your specified clients’ needs. This reports are as well very easy for your clients to understand as you can choose different templates while generating them at your preferred frequencies, they could be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These templates will instantly generate easy-to-read, beautiful and articulate PPC reports at the push of a button, complete with breadth of view at your performance and guidelines on diverse ways to refine your results.

  • AdWords Reports

It is pretty easy to track your Google AdWords and measure right about each specific metric. Nevertheless when it comes to presenting these metrics in a precise manner and accord logical outline to a client’s account performance then ReportGarden becomes your ultimate tool as it will help in availing all the critical Adwords KPIs on the same gizmo. This include the specifics such as Clicks, Impressions, Cost, Conversions and CTR%.

On the other hand the Success a Facebook Ad campaign is highly dependent on how precise you get when choosing your target audience. In this capacity ReportGarden allows you to constitute these dimensional statistics in a detailed click, conversion, or cost-per-action data, making these kind of data segmentation very incisive to your clients. Such precise details such as age, gender, time of placement and custom audience.

Other great features in ReportGarden are;

  • • SEO Reports
  • • SEO Audit
  • • Social Media Reports
  • • Google Analytics Reports
  • • Twitter Reports
  • • Invoicing Module
  • • PPC Dashboard
  • • SEO Dashboard
  • • Social Media Dashboard
  • • Analytics Dashboard
  • • Facebook Dashboard
  • • Twitter Dashboard
  • • Gallery


With all these benefits and awesome features that ReportGarden avails at the click of a button, saving you immense time and resources most especially with the scheduling of the reports that would readily be generated automatically every so often and land directly into the customer’s inbox makes it a certainly priceless software.

ReportGarden as well supports gadgets running on Windows, Linux, Mac and can as well be web based. With different pricing models such as custom quote-based rates, annual subscriptions or monthly payments it certainly captures the needs of each user from a small enterprise to a large organization or even a freelance marketing agent.


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