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Client requirement for website

My client is called Angela and she is a travel blogger who blogs from all around the world. She needs a 5 paged website to give information on the places she travels to and document her experiences. Her website needs to give all the necessaire information but still be clear and easy to use.

  • She want the website to give information on what you can do in that country, when the best time to go is and how to get there. To do this I will use maps, weather charts, recommendations on what to do and good tourist attractions.
  • I can add videos and interesting photo to make it more interactive. But will need to make sure that there aren’t too many videos and animation so that the website run smooth on all internet connections.
  • She can also use a house style with a simple color scheme to make it look more professional. As well as that, she should use white space so her website is easy to use and isn’t to cluttered.
  • This website needed to be accessible on all devises e.g. computers, smart phones, laptops and tablets.
  • I will need too added a menu bar or some sort of navigation system to make it easy to navigate around the website. I will make sure to use costume buttons so that it is unique to this website and hopefully represents Angela.


The audience for Angela’s website could be a range of people but they will all share a passion for travel. They could be students who could be traveling around school, people who are traveling with their families, they people who are traveling on their own, older people who have retired and can freely travel throughout the year and couples on romantic getaways. Couples will probably like to see somewhere tropic that has a lot of privacy

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If a student was look at this website they would want to see what place are good during school holidays/ their work holiday. This is so they can get the most out traveling while school/work are closed since they many have to join school after a short amount of time. It may be seen by students who have decided that to take a gap year.

For family travel they most important thing is that it can keep the kids happy but also entertain the parents. This is why places with culture that are still kid friendly. The problem with family holidays are that they are very hard to organize because it has to fit the parents schedule and still be in the school holidays.

The retired people have the entire year to choose when to go on holiday and don’t have to worry about scheduling when to go. The older the person is the more privacy and quiet the may want. They would probable like somewhere with not a lot of children and somewhere calming/ relaxing

Things the audience may want/accept are:

  1. The website to be easy to access and navigate. This is why having a menu bar is necessary.
  2. They may also want to have all the information clear and easy to understand, that is why I am going to make sure to not over clutter the webpage.
  3. They may also what to talk to Angela about places that are not on the website, recommendations or just to start for this I have linked all her social media platform so that her fans/followers can contact her when they need something.


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