Richard Wright's Memoir Black Boy

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In Richard Wright novel “Black Boy” Wright discusses his childhood experiences, experiences that affected Wright physically, emotionally and mentally. Through Wright’s use of structure elements such as alliteration, diction and vignette I am able to understand these impacts.

In Richard Wright’s novel “Black Boy” Wright uses alliteration by representing words and letters to visualize the impact of his childhood experiences. (Ch.1, Pg.2) Wright was repeating “There was”. “There was the aching glory in masses of clouds burning gold and purple from an invisible sun.” Wright is experiencing feelings he’s never felt before. Being on the edge of death opened his eyes. ( Ch.2, Pg.72) Wright also uses alliteration by repeating “If”. “If i used the name of God in vain, then God would strike me dead.” Wright is questioning believes mentally. Wright isn’t sure about religion. He’s not comfortable with it. He’s been in his mind.

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Later in the novel “Black Boy” you begin to notice diction. Wrights use of vocabulary is improved by the way he’s learning and maturing he’s expressing himself by his use of words. (Ch.1, Pg.7) Wright uses the vocabulary “languor”. “There was the languor i felt when i heard green leaves rusting with a rain like sound.” Wright’s explaining the relaxed and comfortable feeling he’s in. Wright’s been viewing and admiring things very differently lately, which goes to show how he wants to start carrying himself. (Ch.3, Pg.67) Wright uses the vocabulary “saunter”. “Of an afternoon when school let out i would saunter down the street, idly kicking an empty tin can, knocking a stick against the palings of a wooden fence, or whistling, until i would stumble upon ,one or more of the gang loitering at a corner, standing in a field, or sitting upon the steps of somebody’s house.” Wright is very calm and chill, he’s beginning to go with the flow with everything.

In Richard Wright’s novel “Black Boy” Wright uses vignette. Wright took us way back to a chapter in his life, a childhood memory he may never forget. A time that affected him physically, emotionally and mentally. (Ch.1, Ph.5) “Soon my mother would smell that smoke and see the fire and come and beat me. I had done something wrong, something which I could not hide or deny. Yes, I would run away and never come back.” Wright couldn’t believe what he just had done. He knew his poor decision would get him in big trouble. Wright realized how bad his decision was. He’s showing how he doesn’t think before he acts. (Ch.1, Pg.7) “And the moment of living slowly revealed their coded meanings.” Wright began looking at life differently after being on the edge of death. He began to deeply see and admire things he hadn’t realized were so precious until now.

In Richard Wright’s novel “Black Boy” (Ch.1-3) Wright’s use of structure has shown how much he’s bettering himself. From Wright’s use of alliteration, diction and vignette I’ve learned how smart and mature he became. Wright’s been through a lot, those few bad chapters in his life were very quite helpful because it made Wright want to better himself. It helped Wright look deep into life. Wright has conquered a lot physically, emotionally and mentally.         


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