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I visited about 20 schools over the past months and yet Dominguez hills are the only place that most spoke my mind out of all of the rest. Early in my senior year, I learned that I would like to major in psychology to work as a clinical therapist. After visiting Dominguez hills I just knew I belonged here. It was where I pictured myself for the next 4 years. There’s more stuff that I remember about my visit that made me feel like it was the right place for me. One of the reasons I also applied was because of their tuition it might not be that much expensive but I can fundraise to attend college I have always said If you want to achieve something you’ll do it without having a doubt of yourself. I especially want to attend this school due to the exceptional faculty, distinguished not only for this scholarship but also for the commitment to teaching and curricular innovation. My future is important to me. I already have an excellent education and I have a phenomenal amount of encouragement to attend college. I can confidently say that this School will be a welcomed challenge, one that I plan to face my arsenal of experience, passion, dedication, and discipline. My experience as a noncitizen illegal young girl has provided me with a sense of responsibility that everyone must possess. Passion and desire are the internal instincts that have brought me this far in life and are the core characteristics that I rely on to carry me through school. Similarly, I have displayed my dedication in many different areas, including, employment, community service. Finally, all my experiences have taught me that discipline is necessary to get to the next level. This scholarship will help me achieve my educational and career goals. I have been working hard to attend this college. I’m fundraising to attend here by selling chocolates. I am planning to work during my undergraduate degree, but I do wish to focus a lot of my time on my studies. This scholarship will help by lowering the costs of college and the number of hours I’ll need to work throughout my studies. This way, I’ll be able to continue with my academic achievements. It will also give me time to find an internship. Receiving this scholarship will boost my self-confidence, knowing that I not only completed a very important task but also took the responsibility of creating a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals. The scholarship award will only push me further towards my psychology degree and my dreams of one day having a successful career as a Clinical Therapist. Being the first generation in my family to attend college, I also believe in giving back to my community by helping others in financial crisis, so they won’t have the same financial burdens that I had growing up in a single-parent household I didn’t have the chance to say bye to my father but through my mom’s struggles, I have learned nothing is easy in life. Secondly, I have volunteered in my community for several years and I don’t plan to stop. Being a community volunteer has helped me to understand that by obtaining a college degree, I can help impact the lives of many homeless individuals. Recently, as a volunteer at the House of Ruth shelters, many of the homeless individuals were amazed that I am almost finished with high school and plan to go to college. College is the critical time of each year. Everything you learn is everything you will do eventually. The best thing I can do is contribute to campus life and get involved. I will find activities I enjoy and I will get involved in them. I will be able to help plan events and get others excited about what I enjoy doing. I see community service as the key element to my future. I believe that each person should leave the world a little better than how they found it. Community service has held a huge part of my life already. I currently am very involved with a program in Los Angeles called The house of Ruth. I will contribute my community service in my community by giving back to people. Finding resolutions for families even something small can impact somebody’s life. This scholarship will certainly strengthen my opportunity to take multiple Information. The scholarship can help me further my professional training and certification goals that I have set for myself and will in turn help me start a true career in a clinic as a therapist. This Scholarship can also be used to assist me to pay for my courses this coming fall. Overall, this scholarship will help me accomplish my current goal, move on to the next, and eventfully become a successful professional in the psychology management field. I believe my education and experience fits nicely with the scholarship requirements, and I am certain that this scholarship will make a significant contribution to my continuing education it would be great

This scholarship can make a big difference in my education. The money from this scholarship will help allow me to be more selective in how I spend my free time. I would be able to maximize the college experience through service-learning, volunteer opportunities, and internships. Many students like me are fighting for scholarships many students want this scholarship but one thing I can assure you is I won’t take this scholarship for granted yet I would take it for good use for school books. I would really appreciate this scholarship 

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