Essays on Risk

Risk Violence Assessment

This assignment is focusing on a topic analyzing the correlation between Intimate Partner Violence and Violence Risk Assessment in a Health context. The subject of IPV is analyzing through a Violence Risk Assessment perspective and taking place in Community Health Services and Police. Also, the purpose of this paper is to evaluate specificity, sensitivity, pay-off...
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Credit Risk Management and Credit Risk Matrix

Recently banks in many countries have been engaged with a procedure of redesigning their risk management capabilities. The rapid development and expanding complication of the financial related market along with increasing competitor, have been significant reasons for the upgradation of the risk management. The various risk faced by banks is credit risk, interest rate risk...
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Uber Risk Management

Uber; founded in 2009 and is a high tech rideshare company. They found a way to connect the need for transportation (like taxi cabs) with the ride-sharing app. Uber quickly grew and became more popular than US taxi cabs or limousine industry. While the primary function of the company still on ride-sharing, thanks to the...
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Risk Management In Australian Bushfires

Abstract Bushfires in Australia is a common phenomenon that happens repeatedly mostly in summers, this year bushfire led to the loss of uncountable lives of animals. The Focus of this report is to give a brief review of the bushfires and their risk and then creating a risk management strategy for the future. Keywords: Bushfires,...
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Risk Management In Telecommunication

Each company notices threat in managing risks and deploying the develop-ment process as major challenge. Business managers are always concerned about the uncertainty and dynamic change in the life cycle of the project. The effectiveness of risk management techniques matters the most for the telecom industry. As the whole idea of risk management is to...
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Risk Management Assignment: Athletic Industry

Introduction As far back as in the Roman era, athletics was a popular activity that many engaged in for leisure and entertainment. It is however in the late 1930s when athletes started receiving specialized training in universities, colleges and high schools i.e. in synthetic environments that are conceptualized to enhance simulation. Currently, hundreds of thousands...
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Case Analysis: Risk Needs Assessment Tests

With more than 2.3 million inmates, America has the largest prison population in the world. US general population accounts for 5% of the world, while the prison population accounts for more than 25% of the world’s prison population. The number of prisoners has gone up in the past three decades (and are lowering since 2013)...
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Risk Assessment: Prevention Of Corruption In Prisons

This paper shall asses the corruption and misconduct that arise from prison officers maintaining inappropriate relationships with prisoners. It shall identify the factors associated with the risk and, using knowledge of misconduct and corruption prevention strategies, design an evidence-based solution to address the risk. According to Division 8 (Relationships with inmates and other offenders), section...
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Risk Management In Logistics

Introduction This essay will examine the aspect of warehousing within LSE-D and what risks are present that can impact its operational duties. This essay is comprised of four parts which will include a comparative analysis of LSE-D processes with clauses from ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management – Guidelines). This essay will continuously refer to the headings...
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Risk Assessment: Governance, Ethics And Sustainability

1.0 Introduction is an organization that provides courses for ordinary people to share investment as well as continuous services of mentoring. The major principle at the company is that every person can succeed to come to a share investor with the right support, education, and mindset. The company creates leads through advertising introductory webinars...
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