Essays on Rudyard Kipling

Perspective, Vision And Influence Of Empowerment In Rudyard Kipling's Poems

Rita Dove a 1990s American poet once described that “Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful” (Dove, 2019) Describing poetry as words creating sounds, images to convey a powerful, influential message. Today I will discuss how a Victorian-era poet, Rudyard Kipling shows his perspective, vision, and influence of empowerment within his poems,...
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Stylistic Devices In Rudyard Kipling's Poetry

Rudyard Kipling is a well-known poet from the late nineteenth century. Kipling is recognized for his use of politics in poetry. Since his death, Kipling has come under fire for writing poetry that reflected his support for imperialism. Kipling was also known to be a racist (which many men were during his lifetime). Kipling also...
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Kim: Pedagogy In The Empire From A Post-colonial Perspective

Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Kim’ is an intercultural mosaic with a homogenous blend of culturally diverse characters, each with their own ideologies and perspectives on education. Kipling’s characters namely, Creighton, Lurgan, Mahbub Ali, Hurree Babu, and the lama are of paramount importance in helping us understand the contrasting views on education during the imperial era. They embody...
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