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Visual Rhetoric is the art of analysis and interpretation of the perception behind the art. The art includes documents, advertisements, and academic work. The visual part of this science deals with all that can be seen when looking at a specific picture. While the rhetoric part deals with the persuasive nature of the documents and pictures being presented (Liddle, 2013).

Rogerian Model

Advertisements can be very persuasive. The visual rhetoric comments that a writer or publisher may phase can be positive or negative. The Rogerian model of persuasion deals in bringing the two opposing sides to an understanding. The two parties are to find a consensus to come to a clear agreement. This method does not suit those involved in academic writing which requires a systematic follow up of guidelines (White, & Billings, 2015).

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Toulmin Model

Color can visually program the mind. The pale blue color relaxes the mind thus many bedroom walls are painted pale blue. The color contrast can also be used to grab the attention of a reader. Toulmin reasoning on visual rhetoric is different; his model provides that both content and assumption must be scrutinized for their ethical benefits. Arguers are ordered to come up with irrefutable evidence that pale blue color does not have a relaxing effect. This method is effective in scrutinizing academic paper s’ format and the guidelines (White, & Billings, 2015).


The designer of the advert has played well with color and contrast. The white background blends well with the blue font and the blue within the cylindrical wraps. Although it does bring to clarity the effects of ocean pollution, it does have a tiny political agenda behind it (Surfrider Foundation). The chopsticks within the picture are subjective that the Chinese are the ones polluting the oceans.

With the international companies running multi-billion businesses using ships. Some of these freight ships could be said to be the polluters of the oceans. The two sides the advertiser and the Chinese government may be entangled with an argument about the advertisement. The Toulmin model of scrutiny will be a better player in this kind of dispute.


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