Essays on Safety

Safety Control And Safety Risk Perception

Safety Risk Perception Workplace safety has been a major concern across all industries. Efforts have been made by occupational health researchers to find out the root reasons causes for the accidents taking place in the working environment. Among the factors that could lead to occupational safety accidents, human errors and unsafe behaviors were found to...
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Fire Safety: Causes And Results

Fire occurs due to a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and a source of fuel for instance wood and gasoline don’t spontaneously catch on fire just because they’re surrounded by oxygen and for the combustion reaction to happen, the fuel has to be heated to its ignition temperature. Recently in Fiji there are...
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Sharp Safety Within The Healthcare Service And The Safety Measurements

This essay will outline the meaning of sharp safety within the healthcare service and the safety measurements, which surround the use of them. It will also consider the element of danger if used incorrectly. According to (Health and Social Care Services, 2019), sharps are a medical word used for any instrument which has a sharp...
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