Same-Sex Couple: Discrimination By The Nursing Profession

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Many same-sex couples face discrimination by the nursing profession. This type of behavior may envelop a range of negative attitudes toward same-sex couples. Discrimination and racism in the health care system are not only growing but also destructive to the fabric of the nursing profession. The nursing and Midwifery council of conduct states that while caring for patients their safety is the main concern by which their dignity is preserved and their needs are recognized. Also, their rights are upheld and discriminatory attitude and behavior those receiving can challenge.


Alan has admitted to the hospital for treatment due to the infected wound on his right leg. As Alan is looking after by his husband mark (same-sex partner). The Registered nurse made the wrong assumption that Mark was paid carer of Alan and the registered nurse start talking about previous medical history with Mark. The registered nurse action may have made Alan and Mark feel emotionally disappointed because the registered nurse has to ensure that their clients and their partners are treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their gender identity.

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So What?

AS a Nursing student, I feel annoyed because registered nurse must know about their patients, their family backgrounds. (Dempsey, 2014, p.15) states that a nurse has to be open-minded and are motivated to do the role to the best of one’s ability. Moreover, as a registered nurse it is essential to be an effective communicator as Effective communication is integral to PCC as it is critical in establishing caring relationships between professionals, patients and significant others such as families. (Dempsey,2014, p. 13). In my country, it is not legal or permitted to married with a same-sex couples because people still do discriminate but according to me, everyone has their rights and it is our own choice that to whom we married. Moreover, I believe that there is nothing wrong or illegal in same-sex marriage because by same-sex partner a person lives happier and share our feelings without any fear. In addition, there are many orphanage children’s in the world so they can adopt the children’s and live a happy life. This case makes me feel disappointed because registered nurse assumes wrong that mark is Alan paid carer because as a registered nurse we have to know about our patient and their background from where they came, belonged and their family members. I have gained a lot from this experience as when I become a registered nurse I became careful that I respect my patient feelings and did not make any judgment by my own because I know how disappointed a person feel. In addition, I learned more and more from my academic study that how to become an effective communicator and the ways by which I became a good nurse and understand my patients. If I do a mistake, I accept it and feel sorry from my patient. I learned so many different things that I did not repeat it in the future. As a nurse, I demonstrate my professional values such as respectfulness, responsiveness, and trustworthiness

Now what?

As a result of this experience as a nursing student, I will provide quality care for all people, respect, and kind full to others. Also, I value culture safety in nursing and health care and promote a healthy life for people. The nurse has to promote an environment in which the human right, values and spiritual beliefs of the individual, family, and community are respected. I will apply the patient cared centered approach, which makes the patient feel safe and respected. As a student nurse, I will need to gain trust with my patients so that I can build on that relationship and help provide holistic care for them. Not only with the patients but for the family as well and therefore they have good patient experience. In the future, I will make sure, that I will be respectful, not judgemental towards my patient. Moreover, staff members of any workplace need to put aside their beliefs and values of others. In this case not being judgemental and be respectful. Secondly, Nursing professionals need to be aware of the feelings and thoughts of others this is a part of the nursing standards. (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). , my values and beliefs as a student nurse are to be compassionate and empathy through showing concerns to helping others. Principle#4 of the registered nursing code of conduct and (NMBA, 2018) states that a nurse should “embody integrity, honesty, respect, and compassion. All people need to take care of with a professional attitude and values of a professional attitude and values of a professional nurse so that patient health was promoted, and illness is prevented.


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