Essays on Scholarship

Essay For Goi-ies Scholarship

My main motivation behind becoming a GOI-IES Scholar is to pursue my master in renewable energy in Ireland. This enables me to procreate green energy accessible to every small village and city in my home country and Ireland by highly reducing the demand for fossil fuels in power generation. Aside from interest, my main incentive...
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Chevening Scholarship Application Essay

To me, leadership is about being able to use your leadership personality traits to lead your team to achieve your organization’s goals. I am most proud of my contribution to the planning and monitoring department at National Medicines & Poisons Board, the national medicines regulatory authority in Sudan. When I worked there as an intern...
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Application Letter For A Hungary Scholarship

I believe I deserve to be chosen for one of your scholarship programmes because I am a well–prepared candidate and I will in turn effectively commit myself to take full advantage of the opportunity that the scholarships will provide. Not to mention, I continuously try to engage in all forms of volunteer work to improve...
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Scholarship With Changi Airport

Since young, I have always marvelled at the highly efficient services provided by one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. From interactive touchscreens located at the exits of washrooms to the highly systematised air traffic management, it is heartening to see how Changi Airport is deeply committed to serving its customers and enhancing everyone’s...
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The Dick And Joyce Braithwaite Memorial Scholarship

The Dick and Joyce Braithwaite Memorial Scholarship was founded by Mr Richard Wallace Braithwaite and his siblings, who had decided to donate the inheritance from their mother, Joyce Braithwaite to set up a scholarship in honor of their father, James Richard (Dick) Braithwaite. This scholarship is for the youths from Sandakan, Sabah, to attend university....
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Scholarship Cover Letter

Dear Spartan Strong Scholarship Selection Committee: In this letter, I will explain to you why I would make the best recipient of the Spartan Strong Scholarship. I have been at C. W. Perry school for four years. My entire middle school experience has been in this nurturing environment. The experiences I’ve had here have helped...
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Motivation Letter To Neale Silva Scholarship

Distinguished committee from Wisconsin-Madison university. Through this I am addressing to you to request your attention and goodwill. The purpose of this letter is to request the Neale Silva scholarship for Chilean students and give some reasons why I should be considered to won this benefit. This engineering and technology studies program catches my attention...
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Scholarship Essay

I was born and raised in DR. Congo, a central African country, second largest in the continent. My country is a great place to live, with a vast potential to develop. I aspire to be one of the most qualified experts in my future field of work. To achieve my dream, I have worked very...
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