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Recess In High School

Are you in high school? Are you stressed about school work? Recess is the best way to get a break during school. Many Districts end recess in sixth grade. We need a break! Thanks to ending recess, more than 25% of 13-18-year-olds are diagnosed with anxiety at some point, according to the ¨National Institute of...
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Diary Entry For First Day Of College Experience

Dear Diary, It has been a while since I wrote on you. I have been really busy lately with college and stuff. It’s my first college experience and its honesty stressing me out. The assignments and things are really new to me. But, I also had a wonderful experience which I want to share with...
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Absenteeism Among Elementary School Students

Introduction The investigation of nonattendance is extraordinarily indispensable for every foundation and every educator to help the outcomes and furthermore the examinations. It’s useful to make the researchers taught, reliable, and ordinary. This investigation was designed for finding totally unique reasons for nonappearance at rudimentary dimensions, essentially in Lahore city. The specialists of education were...
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Homeschooling: Its Effect On Students

This paper will explain how homeschooling can affect students. It can affect students by them not having a social life. It stops students from meeting new people. It can also stop students from learning how to communicate with people they don’t know. A lot of people want to get homeschooled but don’t understand on the...
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My High School Years

I remember when I was in middle school I would watch “That’s So Raven,” on Disney Channel all day, wishing I was already in High School like Raven, so that I could have the same pleasurable experiences as she did. But little did I know “That’s So Raven,” was a fantasy and that life would...
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My First Day At Summer School

It was 6:00 o’clock, “beep beep beep” turns off the alarm clock wakes up. It was a very cold, dark day. And it was the first day of summer school I was so scared and happy! Since I knew one of my friends are going but she went on vacation for a week so that...
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Flexible Seating In Elementary School Classrooms

Introduction For many years, educators have researched and implemented numerous techniques to help their students stay engaged during lessons or class activities. Recently, teachers and administration have begun making drastic changes throughout their classrooms to help contribute to what is referred to as the “21st century classroom.” This term refers to a supportive classroom that...
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Studying Numbering Of Numbers In Elementary School With The Use Of Interactive Electronic Posters

Annotation The article examines the possibility of providing the elementary school with demonstration means of study, namely, interactive electronic posters. The author proves that interactive electronic posters come in place of classic posters. They have undeniable advantages over other demonstration tools. The example of the electronic educational resource ‘Numbering of numbers’ is given, which can...
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Homeschooling: Main Characteristics

Abstract Until this point in time, self-teaching research has concentrated basically on self-teach instructors’ viewpoints. Regarding self-teach students’ voices is fundamental for reliable comprehension of the self-teach setting. Self-teach instructors and students were met concerning their talks and points of view with respect to their particular self-teach. Projections were utilized, investigating members’ implications at a...
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