Sex Education In The High School Curriculum

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In our day the internet can provide an answer to any answer or any information that a person searches for, including children, and many children are curious about what life has to offer. That is why they search the internet and learn things that could be either right or wrong, but who could let them know since they are still young. That is why having sex education can be very helpful in the high school curriculum because it can correct the wrong ideas that the students might have developed throughout their childhood, but others disagree and prefer to not have the sex education provided. That’s when we ask the question: should we have sex education in the high school curriculum?

A group of people believes that it’s a parent’s job to educate their children about sexual life, and that the school should work on teaching them and help them make a future. Claiming that it is more acceptable by the teenagers to get approached by their parents. A survey containing one-thousand and seven-hundred parents has concluded that fifty-nine per cent of the parents disagree about having sex education in schools because they either find it inappropriate or that it’s the parent’s job. However, a parent cannot provide as much information as professors and researchers can. The schools will look around to provide convincing and true statistics and information. Moreover, many teenagers try to avoid such a conversation with their parents because they find it awkward. That is why the school should also play a role in teaching them about sexual life.

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Some people think that sex education in school can encourage students to have sexual intercourse. In another way, having students learn about sex and sexual life can push them into wanting to try it out since they get curious about it, and if the students are kept away from learning about it or getting to know what sexual intercourse is they won’t have any encourages to try it. Be that as it may, teenagers are always curious, and they most likely have information about sexual intercourse from the internet or the television due to the availability we all have in this internet age. Furthermore, sex education can help prevent them from the idea of wanting to have sexual intercourse at an early age and especially without protection. Having to learn about getting sick and sometimes die due to the disease that transports with sexual intercourse. According to WHO (world health organization) around thirty-six million people have HIV, and according to UNAIDS organization seven-hundred thousand people died from HIV by the end of two thousand eighteen. This can be a reason for teenagers to rethink their ideas, and if not they most likely will start using protection which is better than nothing.

There are people who claim that sex education isn’t necessary because high school students are mature enough to know what’s good for them. Furthermore, they claim that the teenagers are free to do what they want and don’t need anyone else to change their ideas or what they want to do. Especially that they can find any information they want or answer any question they have in the internet. However, the internet isn’t always correct and can contain many false information and claims. Especially for someone who isn’t good at identifying whether the information is true or not. Therefore, sex education in school can prevent the students from having a wrong information and help them understand better the dangers that can occur.

As a conclusion sex education in high school curriculum is somehow necessary and beneficial. There can be many wrong ideas if we did not educate students about the sexual life, and by allowing sex education we can prevent many unwanted problems. Sex education can help in many things such as preventing disease transportation and unwanted pregnancy that lead to abortions eventually.  


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