Shaun Of The Dead And Satire Essay

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While Shaun of the dead is a brilliantly silly love letter to zombie films, it’s also a satire of the romantic comedy genre zombie film. It is a satire of romantic comedy genre, nested with a zombie film aesthetic.

The film takes us on a journey through Shaun’s life and how much it changes. He is utterly oblivious to the problem of within his life and his relationship with Liz. Liz wants something new and more fun instead of going to Winchester; she wants Shaun to hang out and go other places with her, the fact is Shaun is acting like a zombie and unwilling to change led to their breakup.

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Throughout the film, we see that Shayn is trying hard to win back Liz because he loves her while also trying to save and survive during the zombie apocalypse, after everything they have been through Shaun have proved himself that he did not change, he is still the same guy that Liz broke up with. However, they even ended up getting back together at the end of the film. Probably that could be the fact that they have been through such a traumatic experience together, and other characters had become zombies or dead.

The overall messages of this film is to show and encourage us to change and usually not a bad thing to change; although in the movie, it shows that Shaun did not change much. However, Liz may think that he is willing to change after all these happened in their life, it is easy to say that you will change, but it is much harder than what you expected. There is a little to no change in Shaun’s character because, at the beginning of the movie, he hates his stepdad a lot, which the film producer may want to use his boring life to bring out that he looks like a real-life zombie. After his stepdad died, he cried and led the whole team together because he acted like he knew what to do next.

The overall plot in the film seems to suggest that change is an illusion; it is just the same as Shaun cannot escape the zombies in the scene; his lifestyle at the end of the film is all but indiscernible from what his lifestyle in the beginning. Despite that any potential willingness to change demonstrated by the characters in the film, none of them know what they want or what they want to do, making any significant transition effectively impossible. This tells the reality of most people saying that they will change, but they cannot do it at the end. This also tell us that losing something, the guy who loses it will try their best to get back what they should have or initially have. 


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