Siddhartha: Path Of Life

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It all started with the queen and king. The queen found out she was going to have a baby boy and they were going to name it Siddhartha. Once Siddhartha was born, his father and mother were happy to have a son. After a couple days passed by the queen passed away and Siddhartha was left without a mother and was only left with just his father. 

While Siddhartha was growing up and was at a young age he wasn’t aloud to go outside the palace because a wise man told his father that once he was older he wasn’t going to be happy so he would go out into the forest to find happiness, his father just made him stay in the palace for the rest of his life so he wouldn’t leave. Siddhartha would get bored so he would meditate under a tree alone in peace. 

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Once he got older he got married to a princess and had a son. Siddhartha wasn’t happy with what he had, so one day he decided to go out of the palace and go see what was out there since his father would never let him go outside the palace or leave the palace. Once Sidhartha and his servant left the palace they saw an old man. Siddhartha looked confused because he has never seen an old man. His servant told him it was an old man and that they would all grow old too just like that old man they are seeing. After he saw that old man he decided to go back to his palace. 

The next few days he went out again and saw a very sick man that was suffering because he was about to die and again Siddhartha was all confused because he has never seen a sick man before till that day. The next day he went out again and saw people carrying a dead body. His servant explained to him that was a dead body they were carrying and that one day they would all die. 

Siddhartha realized that his father was making him stay in the palace and not let him go out because of all the things he would see like an old person, a sick man, and a dead body. Siddhartha didn’t like it how they had to be old and get sick then die. When he went out the next day he saw a wise man, he asked his servant who it was and his servant said it was a wise man that has left everything and left to the forest to see happiness. He learned from all the things he has seen the past few days. He decided to leave the palace to find happiness just like the wise man he saw, so one night when his wife and his son were sleeping. He went with his servant to the forest. Siddhartha gave his cloths to the servant so he could take it back to the palace. 

Siddhartha then went to every wise man asking if they knew the way to happiness but nobody would tell him the way to happiness. He sat under a Bodhi tree and tried to answer his own question by meditating under a tree. While that he meditated, absorved his events in life and became a wise man and was named Buddha which means enlightened one. 

Buddha saw that he had to stop the obstacles like bad emotions, bad thoughts, and bad actions and that made him become elightened. Buddha became a teacher and started teaching others what he learned from all that he has seen. Then he decided to go back to the palace. Once he went back to the palace his father, wife, son, and others respected him like if he was a god. Buddha was growing older and was taken care by someone so he could give Buddha food and water as he grew older. One day his day came and so he layed and was laying peacefully under the trees and sun and died in peace. 

The only affect Buddha had on the world is that it makes some places poor because in Buddhism it says that to not suffer you have to leave everything like rich people have to leave their wealthiness. 


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